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defaulted member function
[quote=frek]1) By "you value-initialize objects" you mean using specifically curly braces for the ob...

defaulted member function
Note that both S1 and S2 leaves [tt]i[/tt] uninitialized if you [i]default-initialize[/i] the object...

defaulted member function
It's the same as the implicitly defined default constructor that you would get if you didn't declare...

How to interpret Catch2 output when calculating a BENCHMARK?
[quote=JUANDENT]why is the mean value so different from the estimated value?[/quote] 8.3812 ms / (10...

Long-running computation "hangs" on MacOS (Mac mini M2)
[quote=kigar64551]There's just [i]nothing[/i] in the code that is supposed to block, except for the ...