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C++ Questions
It seems to be overloaded for both [tt]FILE*[/tt] and [tt]std::ostream&[/tt] https://en.cppreferenc...

C++ Questions
[quote=seeplus]L44-45. The logic is correct (setting lowest to high and highest to low) but usually ...

"large" project, crashes, variable "overlap", gdb
The code that you have posted does not contain any header files. If the segfault only happens when ...

How to find the Type of a struct that is passed as an argument and the template arguments for a lambda function?
The second template argument to make_forwarding_visitor is deduced from the first (and only) functio...

When to use const class member variables?
[quote=Ch1156]Since the variables are in a class, maybe they don't even need to be const since they ...