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how to make ignorance in sequence scanf input
The following seems to work: [code] #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define SIZE 20 int mai...

Constructor for derived class
Yeah, the inheriting constructors are just for getting the constructors exactly as they are in the b...

Constructor for derived class
Line 5-8 in MyNPT.cpp should be: [code][b]MyNPT::[/b]MyNPT(UDP& udp) : NTPClient(udp) { }[/code] I...

Convert string_view to string ref
[quote]Is there any way of passing a std::string_view to a const std::string& without doing a copy?[...

swapping arguments and erros
[b]Q1[/b] Are you sure you didn't forget to update the declaration at the top of your code? [b]Q2[/...