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because I consider myself a nice guy. Self praise is no recommendation Max. Besides, along with the rest of your life, you got that wrong. Enjoy your Jello spine mr naivete.
Self-praise? If that was what it sounded like, I meant it to mean that I try to be a nice guy.

Even if I got that wrong, I got the rest of my life right thank-you-very-much.

I have a wonderful wife, three kids, a nice house on plenty of property, a '69 Z/28 Camaro, and a good job. What more could anyone want from life?

Why do you seem to have an obsession with my spine? This is a bit...strange, shall we say? Unless you have one of those weird "fetish" things, where someone is obsessed with some random thing; although I would certainly say that is strange.
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You're a grown man but have never dealt with a troll before? Don't even give it the time of day. Just ignore it. By engaging you are only feeding the troll. Don't feed the troll.
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I see our resident PITA has hijacked and derailed yet another thread. So far the antics on display here haven't made me regret getting and installing the ignore script one whit.

The only saving grace (exceedingly minuscule favors) for this toxic spewage is it hasn't been about programming in Da Lounge. 'Tis devolved into a very immature stampy foot temper tantrum from our usual suspect.

Peace out, good folks.
AW shucks Gonads and FG chime in with their usual limp passive aggression. They were owned eons ago. Stop crowing.
What more could anyone want from life?
A spine. A brain would help too.
Ganado wrote:
You're a grown man but have never dealt with a troll before?

Sadly, I have dealt with many trolls, but I can never resist a good argument.

Unfortunately, @againtry is degenerating this from a good argument into a name-calling insult war.

againtry wrote:
with their usual limp passive aggression

And what exactly do you call your weak retorts, Mr. NoCojones?

Actually, "Mr." is probably stretching it; by the tone of your "arguments," you sound like you're anywhere from 12 years old to 16 years old.
Grey Wolf: No worries.

agent max: You can't say I didn't warn you.
...degenerating this from a good argument into a name-calling insult war.

It is more than a mite bit sad, to be honest. There are times they do help others with decent advice.

Then stuff like this invective eruption happens and overshadows and negates any possible good will they might have gained.

max, this isn't a recent occurrence, nor something that is rare. You can see now what has been an ongoing issue for quite some time.

Pitiable, and at times quite risible.
Dear Lady, Gents and Invertebrate,

I've taken you out for a walk and let you crow a bit.
But now it's time for you to settle down, get back in your boxes and go back to sleep.

Your Owner

And, before I forget, the word 'risible' conjures up: (about 3:20)
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Sorry "Master," I'm a bad boy. I don't like it when idiots on the Internet tell me what to do.

If this were on Reddit, I would say "!ShakespeareInsult" which would call up a withering retort directly from the master playwright himself.

I agree, Furry Guy, it's really quite pitiable, how this guy thinks he "owns" us, and yet he abuses his "pets" rather a lot.
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