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Long-running computation "hangs" on MacOS (Mac mini M2)
Heh, you put "App Nap" to sleep. If only temporarily. :Þ Mac OS shows it can be as annoying as MS...

Correct order of FOR loops, given order of data in external files
[quote]Correction?[/quote] Cut'n'pasting a ton of garbage unformatted code that is seriously incompl...

Forum problem
I have not yet experienced that error, but then I access CPP via the legacy interface. https://lega...

Interesting minor changes in Visual Studio 2022 V17.6
The VS Installer/Launcher has an "Available" tab for quite some time, I have the Community Edition, ...

freeglut dll and lib
[quote]I installed VS 2012[/quote] That version is not as ancient as VS6, but it is close. I doubt ...