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Comparing two .txt files
It has been a while since I have done any programming in anything other than G code since I have been working as a machine shop engineer. I need to perform a s...
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typename as a type template parameter
What does "typename = ..." mean in the code below? Is it a type template parameter? but it evaluates to void if T is an array?? template<class T, typena...
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is there any bias random number generator in c+++
Is there Bias random number generator to use in c++ that can skew the generated numbers towards one end? for e.g. If I generate 100 random numbers between...
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why these 'if' seems ignored? (1,2,3)
see these code: void DrawLine(int X0, int Y0, int Z0, int X1, int Y1, int Z1, COLORREF LineColor = RGB(255,0,0), bool Refresh=true) { //Getting ...
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How do I bypass a Segmentation fault?
Hey guys. So I've been programming in C++ for a few months now, and I've been enjoying it all the way through. This is my first time using a programming lan...
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How to read text from a eax
i make hook by c++ to copy string from eax 0F881E5 | A3 B84C8B0F | mov dword ptr ds:[<void *__ChatMsg>],eax xdb64 dword ptr ds:[0F8B4CB8 &L"xa...
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Stay in file line count?
Hello everyone, I have a question for my c++ code. I have an assignment where I get have a file with different expressions to which I have to convert to post, p...
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Monopoly -- Forum (1,2,3)
I'm trying to write snippet code about monopoly and I would like to know what data structures I should use for a playercount function (like choosing between 2-4...
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Viability of Casting `void(*)(int*)` to `void(*)(...)`
I was thinking about the std::function<> class and I'm trying to figure out what that would look like in C. So far I got this: typedef struct _StatefulFunc...
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by thmm
std::min with const char *
Seems that std::min doesn't work with const char * Has anyone encountered this problem as well ? #include <iostream> #include <algorithm> int main() { ...
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by Heiru
Initialize an array of objects and show them on screen
Hello. I need to make an array (in the main function) of objects (class Person), initialize them and show them on the screen with the operator in line 129. But ...
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Array of multiple types
Hello guys, ive written this code: class boundList { struct node{ void *elem{nullptr}; node *next{nullptr}; }; node anchor; node *_Last; public...
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TLV library in C
Hello everyone!! Does anyone know about a TLV library in C? I have to write the contents of some buffer into disk using TLV format. Thanks in advance!
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Optimization with Eigen Tensors and OpenMP
I have an older post about optimization with Eigen matrices where answers were EXTREMELY helpful. The thing is the code I used there is a 2D code and the optimi...
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How to add N weeks to a sys_days?
I have a starting sys_days called start but need to find the sys_days corresponding to start + N weeks into the future???
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A question about virtual function
Hello I have a question about virtual function. I have a base class and a derived class below: class Person { public: virtual void eat() = 0; }; class Stud...
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Help understanding Class Exercise
All, being brief as possible, I’m working on an exercise from C++ Primer Plus Sixth Ed. by Stephen Prata. Chapt 10 Ex 6 for those playing along at home. I was...
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by Mobo01
Adding many Python files and directories to a single dmg file
How can I make a single dmg file out of many Python files in different folders? I know that's doable for a single file, but how can I do it for several? I can ...
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Any explaining ' following a name?
As came across the link below, is anyone very knowledgeable on c++ syntax so explaining the char ' following identifier name (e,g below and following link is th...
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Debugging a delete error?
I am pretty sure I have some sort of deletion error. How would I go about debugging it? I am still not savvy with using the call stack and finding out what it c...
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