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typeid pointer recursion
Hello all, ive created a function named typeof that either takes any object and shows the typeid().name() result on operator<< or takes a pointer and prints th...
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strcpy doesnot work
Just check the code below: char* s1 = "hello"; char* s2 = "world"; cout<<s2<<endl; // world strcpy(s2, s1); cout<<s2<<endl; // world Why does s2 rem...
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Is it possible to remake stdin (or cin) and stdout (or cout) in a library?
Basically, I am coding for an unusual device, with the compiler I've got, cout is working fine but cin does not work, the device doesn't even have a keyboard (a...
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how otimize code?
it's 'easy' create a function. but what make think is: what is the best for otimize the code? how we can win more CPU speed? how we can test the speed? the same...
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