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Writting in a saved File.
Open the file in append mode. Run this program a few times and observe its output: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> int main() { ...
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Assigning local lambda makes for dangling reference?
Hi, I have a local lambda that is assigned to a field of an object called storage. This lambda will be called from elsewhere and my concern is whether this lam...
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Conceptual: Assigning threads to different CPU cores , Mutexes vs Semaphores
Hello, I am trying to figure out some things relating to a learning exercise in Operating Systems. We must explain, conceptually the following. 1. What is th...
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recursive (1,2)
could someone explain how to do the recursive portion on this #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <algorithm> // for min, max using namespace...
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using classes for calendar helper (1,2)
looking for help on this code I have no idea how to continue from this point #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <string> using namespace std; tem...
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Elaborated type specifier syntax
I need a simple "Elaborated type specifier syntax" example and when to use it?
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memory mapping
i am trying to map an exe file in memory than write to its text section and than write it back to disk. while debugging it shows data successfully written in th...
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Metis for finite element triangular mesh partitioning
I am trying to use Metis to partition a finite element mesh. however, In the metis manual I read something that made me feel confused a little. "All of the me...
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howw to pass user value using same variable between function to function
/* Given the following C++ program, #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int n1,n2,sum; cout<<"Pls enter 2 number: "; cin>>n1>>n2; s...
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I need a corresponding solution in C++ for an OpenSSL command
In , there is a section called "Server Encryption Keys Calculation". If you open it, then click on "Show code" (the second one), you'll see what...
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array of pointer
In the following piece of code, I have a problem of reading memory. When assigning value to adjncy It says "unable to read the memory". I can pass the adjncy va...
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and the c++ question is? There is the c++ std::sort() which can be used with an appropriate comparator.
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Understanding pointer to a vector of pointers code
(I didn't write this code. This is an existing piece of code from UC Berkeley's parallel algorithms homework which I should parallelize using Pthreads) There i...
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cannot display output
in this code, I need to write and always update the file, I had done this part, but I try to display the output, it only displays the first data. and when I do ...
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Namespace conflict
I have "using namespace std" in my project. At the same time I'm using bind() from winsock which is global. I know there is a function called "bind" in the std...
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"No matching function for call" error in linked list
I'm adding a copy constructor and overloaded assignment operator to a linked list header file and implementation file, but I am getting notes and errors from th...
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