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Access violation error when using Hazel
I was following a youtube video on using Hazel and I have everyday installed quite OK. However I encounter an except...
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by pmah
File manipulation
Hello, I am a newbie in c++. I have done file copy program which copies two file and makes new file to write. But this has limitations, it doesn't consider whit...
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how use BITMAPINFO? why is BGR() instead RGB()?
heres how i use BITMAPINFO: BitInfo.bmiHeader.biSize = sizeof(BitInfo.bmiHeader); BitInfo.bmiHeader.biWidth = Width; BitInfo.bmiHead...
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how send a function array parameter?
heres how i call the function: unsigned int PixelColors ; // draw a line: DrawLine3D(PixelColors,RotOrigin,RotDestination, RGB(0,255,0) ); the funct...
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how convert a 2D vector to void*?
how can i convert 2D vector to void*? creating a 2D vector: std::vector<std::vector<unsigned int>> PixelColors( ConsoleHeight , std::vector<unsigned int> (Co...
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Arrays with outputFilles.
So I have the function for choice 2 at the bottom of the program and I'm trying to implement it into the code so its functioning correctly. Also I'm trying to i...
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by Cplusc
Reading Text File
I want to read a text file using following function, This functions are in class Mesh which takes std::string mesh_name in the constructor. Also the mesh name_ ...
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by frek
push_back and emplace_back
Hi all, I know, say, for an std::vector, push_back(x) means to copy or move x to the end of the vector and emplace_back(x) means to construct x at the end ...
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declaring an iterator inside a templated function
Hey yall, so for one of my projects I've been assigned to do some templated functions for vectors that use iterators. I can do it every other way, and maybe I'm...
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How can i fix this line?
unsigned Sum(vector<int> GivenVector) { //stuff } is giving me the following errors: Calculate.cpp:50:14: error: ‘vector’ was not declared in thi...
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how use memset()?
how i use memset()? heres my actual code: if(Pixels==NULL)VirtualFree(Pixels, 0,MEM_RELEASE);; unsigned int PixelsCount =SizeWidth*SizeHeight*size...
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how convert a 1D array to 2D and get it's size?
heres the array: void *BufferMemory; int BufferSize = ConsoleWidth * ConsoleHeight * sizeof(unsigned int); if(BufferMemory) VirtualFree(BufferMemory, ...
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data align issue
I am trying to solve problem mentioned in the below link using CPP. Any comments?
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by Cplusc
MPI_Aint_diff is undefined
I'm trying to run the following code in my PC but I get MPI_Aint_diff undefined. I included the correct platform of mpi library but still I'm getting this error...
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by pmah
Concatenating string
I have an expression: const char* client_name = "client"+ std::to_string(getpid()) But I get error like below: client.cpp:54:20: error: invalid convers...
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by pmah
I am a new first semester student. I wanted to work with OOP. I have a question, how can I make one class function accessible by another ? Below is my code: ...
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CodeBlocks IDE: can i make function descriptions?
using the CodeBlocks IDE, can i create a Functions Descritpions?
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how calculate values from 1D array?
see these code: void *BufferMemory; int BufferSize = ConsoleWidth * ConsoleHeight * sizeof(unsigned int); if(BufferMemory) VirtualFree(BufferMemory,...
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Well it looks like this Except for the scrawled in the ...
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ADT IteratedList - represented using a DLL
Hey! I need help with my assigment and i don't know where to start with the implementation part, can somebody give me any resources or advice? IteratedList....
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