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by t im
quertion about std::sort cmp function
When I define a vector<int> contains one hundred 0s and sort with the code below, an exception "invalid comparator" throws. vector<int> v(100, 0); sort(v.begi...
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by Cplusc
Installing Trilinos on windows
I am trying to include Trilinos in my project and I understood prior to that I need clapack library. I tried to install clapack and I was successful to build AL...
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by frek
Compile time evaluation and performance
Hi all, In this piece of code: #include <iostream> constexpr double nth(double x, int n) // assume 0<=n { double res = 1; int i = 0; while (i<n) {...
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by linaya
编写程序,计算下列公式中的s s=1*2-2*3+3*4-4*5+...+(-1)^(n-1)*n*(n+1) 这是自己做的,实在不会了 #include<stdio.h> #include<math.h> i...
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char array manipulation
Can anyone tell me what is wrong in this code and how to fix it? here bytearray gets destroyed as it reached end of the loop, i guess. #include <bytearray>...
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AlphaBlend() can make 1 color transparent too?
using the AlphaBlend() can make 1 color transparent too? what i mean is make a color transparent(like TransparentBlt()) and using the AlphaBlend())... Transpa...
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7 segment displays (1,2)
My program is supposed to prompt the program user to enter text to be displayed on our 7-segment display. The text string should accommodate up to 64 characters...
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by tonic
c++ Client/server
Hello dear cpp members I had a questions, I used to work with c# (background workers) async/await to finish different tasks. now im coding some c++ clients , ...
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expected primary-expression before ‘]’ token myArray <int> obj(arg1[], size); Confused as to why this is happening
The code is supposed to print out the highest value in an array The error is also occurring in my constructor for list = arg #include <iostream> using nam...
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Unknown debugging errors
I've been working on this project for a class for several weeks now with help from my teacher and we worked on this version together so it has all the required ...
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Comparing all characters within two strings of different length (1,2)
let's say I have two strings: str1: aaabcabaaaba str2: bca I would like to slide str2 over str1 to figure out if str2 matches str1. So, here for examp...
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by frek
Genomic Range Query
A DNA sequence can be represented as a string consisting of the letters A, C, G and T, which correspond to the types of successive nucleotides in the sequence....
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by ManaG
int was not declared in another function
#include <iostream> #include <fstream> using namespace std; struct stac { int r, g, b; int x, y; int dx, dy; }; struct galinis //galine...
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by Cplusc
Calling a constructor in a loop
I have a constructor which take 3 arguments including 3 vector of vector of type double and one vector of pointers double. Let's say the loop iterate 4 times, i...
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by mnm71
How to find peak in c++
In this code, I calculate the number of peaks and check the result with the Findpeaks Matlab function []...
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using StretchDIBits() can i draw transparent and semitransparent?
using StretchDIBits() function, can i draw it without a color(backcolor transparent) and semi-transparent(opacy)? void New(unsigned int SizeWidth, unsigned int...
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Buenas a todos, estoy necesitando hacer un ejecutable win32 donde pueda pedir un numero de puerto para enviar un numero por puerto serie, lo unico que necesito ...
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formula to get nearest number (1,2)
Hey everyone, I'm creating a midi program to alter incoming midi and putting out the altered midi, I do a bunch of stuff with it (one note chords etc) and ev...
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Getting proper calculations to work?
I am trying to have my program calculate the min, max, total, average, etc, of Hawks. But it keeps giving strange results like 0 and inf. What am I doing wrong?...
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Cin function wont work?
I am trying to get my cin function to work with this program, and it was working before, but now after some changes it is giving me an error for using the opera...
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