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stl unordered multimap no match for operator
I'm trying to use the STL unordered multimap. I read a file in and insert it into a vector, then strip the puncuation, then insert the words into the map. I the...
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Infile won't open on mac
Hello, I am trying to get a file to open in my C++ code that I run on Codeblocks on my mac. I already have my code mostly set up (below),and I keep getting t...
[8 replies] Last: while (!fin.eof()) { ++count; if (x >= 0 && F >= 0) ... (by seeplus)
Constant pointer to constant stuct
Hi, I'm trying to create a data structure that contains something analogous to nested tables. In my program I want to create a message structure that contains...
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by maifs
How to assign values against struct properties in 5 Dimensional Array in c++ ?
hi, I have 5 dimensional array of struct in pointer form. I want to assign value properties at 5th dimension. please see my code and suggest me. #...
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