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My rate is US$100 per hour.
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How to ignore timestamp changes embed in files when committing
It seems a reasonable idea. Just be sure to make the detection super specific. Letting through the ...

Bmp file filter pixel adjusting / C language
Your main is 100++ lines of copy/pasted code, and you only fixed up the padding in some of the place...

Bmp file filter pixel adjusting / C language
> Actually i padded zeros to the image in order to preserve the image size in the first place as see...

Bmp file filter pixel adjusting / C language
You don't seem to be taking into account that each row of pixels is padded to 4-byte alignment. http...

need assistance! Write a program that reads students’ names followed by their test scores.
> void assignGrade(ifstream& infile, studentType students[]) You've already read the file, so you do...