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My rate is US$100 per hour.
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which one of these bytecode instruction designs is better?
> InstrFormats[PUSH] = "BB"; 1. How many operands can an opcode have? Consider say encoding as bits...

Daily bit(e) of C++ | Optimizing code to run 87x faster
Best summarised as - taking days of effort - to save seconds of time - on something run maybe once a...

I've been working an odd job
Where do I sign up? I could use some extra $$$

operator const char* return
> return (ss.str().c_str()); No - ss goes out of scope as soon as the function ends, and your char*...

C programming / Program is Crushing when in release
> #define _NORMAL_MAGIC_RARE _UNIQUE / 2 Beware of unintended precedence issues. All #define e...