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Smaller c++ questions (1,2)
I am going to be reviewing my C++ from scratch and will have smaller and sillier questions. Instead of making many posts, I will just put them in here as I revi...
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return type amgiguity
I have just been learning about the algorithms in c++ and I am currently looking at 'mismatch' I read that the return type is a pair or iterators with three co...
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Integration between constructor and result of overloaded operator=
I have this class template<typename T, typename ... Args> class Function which needs to be declared and initialized this way: Function<int, int> f1('x...
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issue to appoint two things
Wasn't the exact same question in:
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alternate input issue
Hello everyone, I am very new to coding and am making my through a C++ textbook. I am not a student, I am self-teaching to gain employment in the future. I a...
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Get number of arguments passed to variadic function/method
If I have a class like this: template<class T> class Example { private: std::map<char,T> va; public: Example(char var...); } And I wanted al...
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Review / Advice (1,2)
Hello everyone. Im a freshman in college taking my first programming class. It teaches c++. One of our final projects (I'm 5 weeks early to make sure I get it r...
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Question about the move contructor
Here is my code, I got instance a, and b created by Move constructor base on a. Class Move has one variable data. I think "move" make b "point to" a, so "a....
[1 reply] : The issue is in main(). &(, &( is the address of the .da... (by seeplus)
class to aggregate and evaluate many functions in batch
I am trying implement a class which should be able to store several functions, like int p1(int x) { return ...; } or int p2(int x, int y) { return ...;} ...
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'include <cassert>
It the header file #include <cassert> still valid in modern c++? I know TDD users assert, but this is a different use. Has c++ moved on and if so what is th...
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Eigen matrix vs for loop matrix give off results
Why is that if I print my matrix inside the for loop gives different results that when I print it outside? #include <cmath> #include<math.h> #include<stdio.h...
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Need help :)
Hey guys good evening. So i've been stuck on this for a bit. The exercise asks me to get 2 answer from a void(). So I tried it doing it with void but I fo...
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Character Array & Pointer - Confused
int main() { char arr = {'F', 'C'}; std::cout << arr+0 << std::endl; // FC std::cout << arr << std::endl; // FC std::cout << &arr << std::...
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How can i change this [Try Catch] C++ code?
Hello all im new to this forum and im a C++ beginner too so please forgive me if i did something wrong here.. This is what i want.... If i enter value...
[4 replies] Last: Yea that is exactly what i wanted...Thank you soo much sir i rly appre... (by TharinduCplusPlus)
Optimizing finding the largest element in an array
I have written some code that executes fine, but I am looking to further optimize the code with any nuanced methods that I probably haven't learned yet in my cl...
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by Rendo
Difficulty understanding for loop iteration results (1,2)
Hi, I am extremely new to C++, I apologise in advance if my question is long winded or difficult to follow but here I go. I am reading through a book called C++...
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Trying to print one digit at a time using a specific algorithm
Im trying to print on digit at a time for example, 123 would be 1 2 3 using an algorithim my proffessor is telling us to use but mines ends up printing 1...
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bug around while(!())
there is this bug around while(!()) where i have to re enter my year because it didnt register #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main ()...
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No suitable constructor exists to convert from 'int' to 'Uint64' (user-defined type)
I can't compile parts of the SDL 1.2 (here ) with the Visual C++ compiler. In particular, this part (lines 3, 16): // Inside BinaryFile.cpp 1 Uint64 In...
[8 replies] Last: The error messages indeed suggest that Uint64 is being defined as a st... (by Peter87)
by Pen72
Minimal cycle size in graph
I got five passed cases and five wrong test cases with the code below, thanks for the help in advance. --------------------------------------------------------...
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