Windows Programming - March 2022

Window services application deployments
Good day administrator Please I'm learning how to register and deploy application in window servi...
[2 replies] Last: srvany can be used to run a .exe program as a service (by seeplus)
arrays,lists & map. mapping values to RGV values
"The code below stores a range of RGB values as arrays which is then stored in a list. I want to th...
[9 replies] Last: The WinAPI has the COLORREF struct and several macro functions for dea... (by George P)
by oddy
How can I install gdb using mingw-get?
I faced a problem: I cannot install gdb with command mingw-get install gdb. I googled for it in thes...
[2 replies] Last: mingw-get is from the old depreacted/discontinued "" projec... (by kigar64551)
how to find out if a window is running modal
Hi, There must be a way to detect whether a dialog box is running modal or not! I can't find anywh...
[1 reply] : Search internet, yada, yada, yada..... (by George P)
how to create a modeless CDialog in MFC?
Hi, I have been away from MFC for a while... I need to create a modeless CDialog subclass and I t...
[1 reply] : Simply amazing what one can find scraping the bowels of the interwebz.... (by George P)
BGI problems
I have many programs written over many years using Borland graphics. I have been working with dif...
[16 replies] Last: you can use devC editor and VC compiler if you really hate the VS edit... (by jonnin)
by oddy
How can I install a specific version of GCC on Windows?
I searched on Google and Bing for GCC version 9.3.0 for Windows, but they only give me GCC 9.2.0 ins...
[4 replies] Last: I am attending an OI(Olympiad in Informatics), they compile source fi... (by George P)
Memory leak observed (regfree() not freeing total allocated memory) while using <regex.h>
Hi, I am using <regex.h> in my code and observing memory leak. After some debugging, I found out tha...
[2 replies] Last: It is always possible that you are doing something wrong in your code ... (by kigar64551)
Bluetooth connection error with winsock2.h
Hello! I am completely new to socket programming or any kind of API for that. I want to learn to con...
[2 replies] Last: @George P, Thanks for the response. The code compiles with c++17. It c... (by Rakib771)
Testing program deployment
So I've created a small windows utility that has a few external dependencies. Some I know for sure,...
[4 replies] Last: Process Monitor is a good tool, another similar one is Process Explore... (by George P)
Why is the code breaking?
I am trying to combine my code and my group partner's code to turn in, but when I type anything that...
[1 reply] : cin.ignore() will wait for input if there's nothing to ignore. Also th... (by seeplus)
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