How can I install gdb using mingw-get?

I faced a problem: I cannot install gdb with command mingw-get install gdb. I googled for it in these words:


cannot install gdb with mingw-get

but no use.

It throws me this msg:

install: gdb-7.6.1-1-mingw32-bin.tar.lzma
installing gdb-7.6.1-1-mingw32-bin.tar.lzma
mingw-get: *** ERROR *** D:\Software\MinGW\/bin/gdb.exe: extraction failed
mingw-get: *** ERROR *** unexpected end of archive reading content record
mingw-get: *** ERROR *** unexpected end of archive reading header record

Could you please help me solve this problem (help me install gdb)?
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Somebody else might have already had this problem.
Does following the advice in SO thread help at all?


If still nothing works after following the suggested solution ideas there, you could always try a pre-packaged distro like
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mingw-get is from the old depreacted/discontinued "" project.

Even the web-site is down now.

You really want to use the follow-up project Mingw-w64 these days!

There are various ways to install Mingw-w64, but I highly recommend to go with MSYS2:

Once you have MSYS2, just type "pacman -S gdb" in order to install GDB.
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