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PCH errors after c++20
Recently, c++20 came out and I updated one of my big projects to c++20, however I am running into some compilation errors that are beyond my understanding as of...
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by Ganado
File binary mode distinction
Does the distinction of binary mode for files only exist to deal with pre- de-facto -standardized line endings (i.e. anything other than '\n', most notably Wind...
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Agregar un control de ActiveX a un Project de Visual C++
Steve White and Michael Satran you two are liars, where is: Project/Add a Project/Components and controls / Gallery of components and controls, in visual C++ 2...
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Saper game please help
and what has this to do with Windows programming. It seems like a console program? You can treat the board as either a 2-d array of n x n elements or as a sing...
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alt tab to console app
I need to alt tab to console app with function. Using #include <windows.h> Have this piece of code to make console app be always on top HWND consoleWindow...
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Visual Studio 2022
I am trying to learn C. I am using Windows 10. My problem right now is with Visual Studio 2022. I can't figure out how to use Visual Studio 2022 to enter a s...
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Implicit type conversion and time measurement
I'm implementing a game loop in `c++` using the `timeGetTime` function like below: // ... DWORD oldtime = 0, newtime = 0, delta = 0; /...
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Can't Add a new wiindows form
Hi, I am using Visual studio 2019. I can't seem to add a new form to my C++ CLI application. If I remember correctly I was able to do it in the past but I do...
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Windows Programming for beginners
Hi I´m an experienced C++ programmer, but always developed software using Linux. Now I need to develop some systems for Windows. My focus is the back end, ...
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Game loop and time measurement
There is the function `Sys_Milliseconds`: int curtime; int Sys_Milliseconds (void) { static int base; static qboolean initialized ...
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