Disconnect the game application network

I have 3 game windows, I want to disconnect from the network game window 1, windows 2 and 3 work properly, can I do that?
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Is this a C++ question?
kbw here is the question c++

here is the question c++

Answer: Maybe.
Sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with Furry Guy. The answer is either yes or no.
The answer is either yes or no.

So....we have a Schrödinger's Answer now, eh? It's in a quantum superposition state until we look and the waveform collapses?
It is much simpler than this. The OP asked if he could do it. If he had to ask, there is an extremely high probability that he can't. So the answer, of course, is no, he can't do that.
It may be able to be done (that remains unclear, since its hard to say exactly what he wanted to do) but even so, my bet is still on the NO.

Ba ranh,
we need more info, or all we can do here is joke around with you. The question simply lacks the detail to understand it and give you a meaningful response.
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