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Connect SQLServer failed in c++
I connect to the database on VPS but it goes to the case 'SQL_ERROR', I don't know what am I missing...

How to use thread in c++ win 32
thanks everyone for helping me, i was using multithread 'std :: thread'

How to use thread in c++ win 32
Sorry [b]Furry Guy[/b] In the past I used C#, everything was very simple, but I found that c # is e...

Argument of type Void is incompatible pthread c++
hi Salem c ! cMain::self *p = reinterpret_cast<cMain*>(arg); [quote]error : class cMain has no memb...

How to use thread in c++ win 32
@freddie1 : I tried the code of Furry Guy and it doesn't work, I want a brief example that's easy to...

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