Need a starter project for Visual Studio 2022, C++, multiple dialogs

Need a starter project for Visual Studio 2022, C++, multiple dialogs
I cannot get a project started as I need it. Visual Studio 2022, C++, multiple dialogs. The tutorials don’t provide the details needed. I will send some Ethereum for assistance.
Please provide the options taken for creating the solution. This is the most important part.
The solution will contain three dialogs.
Dialog 1 is the controlling dialog. There is one set of options for each of two additional dialogs. The requested abilities of dialog 1, with respect to dialogs 2 and 3 are:
Open the dialog.
Provide the user with ability to specify the input(s) for the dialog.
Put the value(s) into the input of the dialog.
Execute all the calculations of the dialog, one step at a time, but no user interaction between steps.
Fetch the results of the operations and display to the user.
Close the dialog.
Do the same for dialog 3 and be set up to repeat for additional dialogs.
The pointers to the dialogs will be in an array for easy expansion to add more dialogs.
Dialog 2 Title: Quadratic Equation
Lead description in the dialog states the purpose and shows the equation x = ( -b +- sqrt( b^2 – 4ac) )/ 2a
A place to enter a, b, and c.
A button to square b and show the result.
A button to multiply 4ac and show the result
A button to subtract 4ac from b^2 and show the result
A button to take the square root and show the result
A button to subtract b and show the result
A button to divide by 2a and show the final value of x
A button to do each of the above steps and update the result. Must call the functions that do each of the individual steps, updating each display field.
Dialog 3 Title: Calculate hypotenuse
A place to enter opposite and adjacent
A button to calculate the tangent with opposite / adjacent, and show the result
A button to translate the tangent to an angle
A button to take the sine of the angle
A button to divide the opposite by the sine and display the length of the hypotenuse
Lastly, we are in the process of moving so please allow me a bit extra time to reply. And no, this is not homework. If if were I would have classmates to discuss this with.
What is the gui framework/library you're using/going to use? C++ doesn't provide any gui capability as part of the language so you have to use a 3rd party library. VS comes with Microsoft WIN32, MFC, WinRT. Other common 3rd party libraries are QT, FLTK etc.
There are wizards that can create a bare minimum dialog-based Win app. In C/C++/C#/.Net, etc. IIRC the dialog(s) have at least one button.

Personally I'd opine you are better off learning how to manually add what want instead of using automated wizards. Adding dialogs and buttons to a WinAPI app no matter what the GUI tech used is the least of your concerns, you'll have to write code to actually do the work when you press a button or select a menu item.

If'n you want a WinAPI tutorial you could try theForger's Win32 API tutorial to learn the basics of the WinAPI.

Fair warning, the tutorial was written for Windows 9X. The code examples for the most part will compile using VS 2022, with lots and lots of warnings. The WinAPI has changed significantly since Win9X, and revising the code is "almost a requirement" for modern Windows apps. Someone (me) has taken the time to update the code to modern practices and the revised code can be found here (shameless self-promotion):
The requirements for this smell a lot like a school/college assignment. Are you expecting us to do all the work for you when you should gain a working knowledge yourself of how to use the VS IDE and how to code apps no matter what the framework?
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