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error C2039:string_view (1,2)
hello all, how can fixed this error error C2039: 'string_view' : is not a member of 'std' i use VS 2010 All solutions set to "/std:c++17" in langu...
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by hbcpp
Smart pointer confusion (std::unique_ptr in function argument) (1,2)
this is my first time working smart pointer and I getting confused with this: void test(std::unique_ptr<int> s) { cout << *s;//(s == nullptr); } int main...
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how to get locale based digit groups separator (ansi c)
I've tried searching for this information on the web but keep getting directed to either c# or c++ solutions that rely on sprintf etc, but as noted at https://m...
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dynamic array allocation
Hello. Had an assignment using dynamic array allocation. Instructions: Write a program that prompts the user to input the length of a string as an integer, fo...
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by Cj230
Desperate for Explanation on I/O Assignment
Hello Everyone! I have a programming assignment I have been working on all day. I'm pretty sure I've just been overthinking it so I am going to post on here to...
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by t im
About the upper_bound Function
Edit: In Solution 2, if I use upper_bound function instead of the menber function of multiset, time limit exceeded will alse be reported. So, I think the differ...
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assistance with class code
Hello, been having issues with this program that uses classes. Any help would be appreciated, but please make it as simple as possible. This chapter defines ...
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by t im
About the loop condition
In case of the following two for loop: // case 1 for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) something; // case 2 for (int i = 0; i <= n - 1; i++) something; ...
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does all stream object have buffer except cerr?
I just started learning about stream and I am not quite sure how it works. correct me if I am wrong. A buffer is a memory region in which data is stored t...
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Variadic Template not working expectetly
Dear Community, i cannot figure out how to solve this. I am coding a Container Class and run into a Problem with my constructor. I wanna take a variadic list o...
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by ruzip
Convert any value/type to string callable from C
I'm trying to build a C++ function that converts any type to string. ex. int 4 will be "4" float foo with value of 2.5 will be "2.5" .. .. So far I'm ...
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Remove unwanted character from String concat macro
Hi I have a macro to do concatenation as below #define dd Cloud #define ff _Storage #define CCM_BRAND_CONCAT2(a,b) a##b The output is "Cloud _Stor...
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by Geckoo
Rosetta Site
Hello. I really like to "rummage" for some interesting codes on the Rosetta site which seems to me really relevant. I learnt many, many things especially about ...
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Class as struct member
Suppose there is a struct with a class as a member of the struct, as in the example below. typedef struct _MYSTRUCT { int Num; Class MyClass; } MYSTR...
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Execute Code on task kill
Hi everyone, i'm currently working on a sockets project, and i want to recognize wheather the clients process is killed, but this is not windows topic. My que...
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Further pure virtual calling issues
A debugbrk_ call occurs when I try to call pure virtual function Allocate_Square(). The debug call occurs on the first iteration through the inner loop. Stepp...
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error C2041 - C2415 - C2426
I want to make a dell file, but there are some errors my code #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <TCHAR.H> using namesp...
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why is istream::read cast to char*
1. why do I need to reinterpret_cast the 1st argument of read() function of ifstream into a char* when reading a file and also casting the 1st argument of write...
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template metaprogrammingNewTupleType_ not compiling
I have errors in the following: template<typename TVal, size_t N, size_t M, typename TProcessedTypes, typename ...TRemainTypes> struct NewTupleType_; ...
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Error when filling a matrix using Eigen
I have the MATLAB code: Nx = 10; Ny = 10; %X,Y defined u = (Y-0.5).^2 .* sin( (2*pi / Lx) * X); %Y.^2 .* sin( (2*pi / Lx) * X); uh = fft(u, ,2); %use discre...
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