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Should arguments always be passed to functions or can variables outside of the scope of the function be used in the function?
I have a function that will only be used in the software I am making. It's in the .cpp file containi...
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for loop question
Hello , I try to get 25 data from a can bus in the same time using a Qt/c++ application. So in eve...
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by kbz8
Writing square root in cplusplus
Hi, square root is in math.h (C include) or cmath (C++ version of math.h) and is a function named sq...
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Member class in c++
Hello , I am really new in C++ development . I am working on Qt Application . I need to call a mem...
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how to replace sscanf in c++?
I am just wondering if there any replacement in c++ for sscanf? Below is the lines of code which I ...
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Sphere to Sphere Collision Detection
Does anyone know where to start when it comes to Sphere-Sphere Collision Detection? I'm drawing a co...
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[Error] no matching function
why got this error : no matching function for call to 'std::basic_string<wchar_t>::basic_string(TCH...
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by kbz8
void pointer to class pointer
Hi everyone. Is there a way to convert void pointer to class pointer and use it as a class object ?
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when use GetFocus() get Different Hwnd
i use this function .. HWND GetFocusGlobal() { HWND Wnd; HWND Result = NULL; DWORD TId,...
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by kbw
A power electronics controls in C/C++ embedded and software pointer for PC program
Now could you kindly give some tips to handle the whole project? You haven't said what your project...
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by jonnin
Array Method
if you want to keep a bunch of patients, a container (an array is a container) or a disk file (which...
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How to add timer and pause after program in Vscode
I was using Dev-c++ before, and it will automatically add "-------------------------------- Process...
[1 reply] : the timer and return v... (by jonnin)
Let say I have a mesh of two elements and four nodes. Coordinates 1 -8 3.1...
[15 replies] Last: There is text file containing all the mesh properties(connectivity and... (by resabzr)
Valgrind: segmentation fault error (1,2)
I have a serial code that is working perfectly and printing out data as expecxted. I rewrote a paral...
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by helios
Forward compatibility with abstract classes
I just read something that I'm pretty sure is incorrect, but I wanted to make a sanity check. Sup...
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unclear variadic template recursion
Hi, which of the 2 codes is correct: template<class Opt> constexpr bool has() const { ...
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calling methods from another class
I have two classes Node and element and I made a vector of each class's objects; class Node { publ...
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Some hard questions (maybe?)
Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and community. Wanted to take a second to introduce myself here. I'm ...
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Need slight help with adding two more code words for user to guess
Hey y'all, the basis of my program is similar to hangman. I want to display 3 code words out of the ...
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Assign array to magic hexagon
Hello to everyone; x y z a b c d e f g h i J k l m n o p The following c...
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