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Any explaining ' following a name?
As came across the link below, is anyone very knowledgeable on c++ syntax so explaining the char ' following identifier name (e,g below and following link is th...
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Debugging a delete error?
I am pretty sure I have some sort of deletion error. How would I go about debugging it? I am still not savvy with using the call stack and finding out what it c...
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typeid pointer recursion
Hello all, ive created a function named typeof that either takes any object and shows the typeid().name() result on operator<< or takes a pointer and prints th...
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strcpy doesnot work
Just check the code below: char* s1 = "hello"; char* s2 = "world"; cout<<s2<<endl; // world strcpy(s2, s1); cout<<s2<<endl; // world Why does s2 rem...
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Is it possible to remake stdin (or cin) and stdout (or cout) in a library?
Basically, I am coding for an unusual device, with the compiler I've got, cout is working fine but cin does not work, the device doesn't even have a keyboard (a...
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how otimize code?
it's 'easy' create a function. but what make think is: what is the best for otimize the code? how we can win more CPU speed? how we can test the speed? the same...
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LRU Cache Simulation Heap Overflow Problem
Hi, I'm new to C and are working on LRU Cache Simulation recently. However, when testing testcase w/ very large amount of data, it shows up that heap-buffer ove...
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about address of std::vector<std::vector<int>>
Please frist read the code below: vector<vector<int>> v({ { 1 }, { 2 } }); v .push_back(3); v .push_back(4); After initialization, the size of v and ...
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resize() and reserve() of std::vector
In most cases, resize() changes the size of a vector while reserve() changes capacity of a vector. My question is about reserve() function. First look at the co...
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Tree (traversal)
Please help what is wrong with my codes? I created Tree.cpp. main.cpp and Node.h, Tree.h. It gives me an error. //Tree.cpp #include "Tree.h" Tree::T...
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OpenMP for nested loops
I am writing a lattice boltzmann solver and to do so I'm using OpenMP for loop parallelization. After using OpenMp not only the execution time is not reduced bu...
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Cannot convert argument from 'variable' to 'const T &'
Howdy. I am using a doubly linked list to obtain requests from an input file and eventually place them into an array of queues based on priority. When reading i...
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by Cplusc
I'm doing a fluid simulation and for post processing I'm using paraview. For this, I need to reaload the vtk or csv file whenever i want to see the plot during ...
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Boost Python: "Mixing a dll boost library with a static runtime is a really bad idea..."
I am currently trying to create a python binding for a large C++ library. After some searching, I have decided to use boost/python. I am running into a compi...
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Accessing private member declared in header
Howdy. I have a doubly linked list class that I was given the function names for. One of them is called CopyAll which should copy all the nodes from the input d...
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Please explain what this code does
Hello all , All i know , This is a Buffer for thiscall Function struct sAABuffer_Helper { DWORD SecondDword; BYTE Filler ; }; struct sAABuffer { ...
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C++20 Modules as interfaces
Hey guys, I'd like to use C++20 concepts to define interfaces. Usually I'd define interfaces using virtual functions but in this particular case I do not want ...
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how to convert message digest to bigInteger in c++
For example say I have a message digest "cf91cc61b74a1feda9902ae9b9e96d9a" using md5() How do I convert this message digest to a bigInteger so that I can u...
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smart pointer issue with file
Hi I am facing a problem while trying to create file manager using smart pointers. Which option (unique_ptr, shared_ptr, auto_ptr, weak_ptr) is more optimal h...
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Error on multi-D dynamic array output
How solve the error on multi-D dynamic array read to be output below? #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; vector<vector<char>> l; l ....
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