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data struct selection
Which data structure is more ideal here? 1)Frequently need to add and remove elements from the middle of a list, and you will not read it very frequently? I tri...
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does vector <int> myVec [5] creates 5 vector?
and list<int> myList creates 10 linked list? the and () seems to be very different.
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How does vector initialize and allocate in one line?
How, as vector<int> n(9) is allocating, can vector initialize and allocate in one line (as giving error in this e.g.) ? #include <vector> using namespace std;...
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Linker 2019 error unresolved external symbol
I am pretty sure I have something wrong with how I am using my templates like syntax. I am making a program that works with an array-based Queue. I might have h...
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by Cplusc
how initialize an object of a class which is defined within a name space
I am trying to initialize the ex and ey variables in the following piece of code but unfortunately I keep getting linker error. thanks in advance. namespace L...
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Object oriented programming menu troubles
Hello all, i am in a programming 2 class and thought i was understanding quite well, but i am getting stuck with this project my professor assigned. I believe i...
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How to print Eigen tensor EVERY iteration?
I made an older post about printing an Eigen tensor into a text file and where the example I am using here isn't really ideal, it ended up working for me throug...
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File stream read in error
Hello! Context: I am making a simple code to read in a maze from a file the maze should look like this: 5 5 .S.#. ##.#. ..... .#### ....F but instead, it lo...
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how to prevent duplicate when compare 2 string vector.
#include <iostream> #include <vector> #include <random> #include <algorithm> #include <iterator> #include <ctime> #include <set> using namespace s...
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elseif condition in macro
anyone knows why I am not getting the _dim and _nnodeLtc correctly from the following piece of code? #pragma once #ifndef _INCLUDES_H_ #define _INCLUDES_H_ #...
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how to print Eigen tensor to text file?
I am trying to print a 3D matrix into a text file and use it to make plots in MATLAB. I have been using std::ofstream("3DTest.txt") << Test; for all my Eigen ...
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sort option needed
which sort (bubble,quick, merge) option best suited here? 1)A list sorted except for one item, which is in wrong place? recursive merge sort??
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Error when taking max value of Eigen tensor
I am trying to get the max value of an Eigen tensor, something equivalent to max(max(max(T))) in MATLAB. The thing is I got a case that works for me: stat...
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How to do dynamic scoping
How come not able doing a dynamic scoped variable, how to do dynamic scoping in c++ as this illustration fails: void f(int i); void fn(int& m){ int i; ...
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inline assembly
hello all , i make hook to read some address from ebx to this value all work good But every time the same address is printed, I'm sure there are many address...
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Output inside function mismatches outside function
Why does my function returns zeros when called in a script but then if I try to print out the output "inside" the function I get the correct results? I am confu...
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One explain on initializing each vector argument.. please
one outright understand definitely each vector argument in initialization (v) ? enum Mon : int { A = 5, B, C }; struct M { explicit M(Mon m, M...
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Virtual function and class inhertance
I'm confused about the code below: class A { public: A() { bar(); }; virtual ~A() { bar(); }; virtual void foo() { cout << "1"; return; } virtual vo...
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About std::move string and int
string s1 = "str"; string s2 = move(s1); // s1 is empty int num1 = 1; int num2 = move(num1); // num1 is still1 Just as the code above, why does the st...
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by t im
Const with function
What is the difference between 'const' before and after function name in the code below: const int foo() // const before { return 1; } int main() ...
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