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Hi. As a C++ beginner, have a look at this web site if you don't know of it already. https://www.l...
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Alignment in an Array Problem
I have a problem in picking the show item list. How can I align the inputs on the table and what kin...
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C++ Program help
I have a task to write a program in C ++ with the following condition: To write a program for obtain...
[17 replies] Last: Heh, it’s a fun homework prompt. I did my version using a recursive ... (by Duthomhas)
C++ Function f(x)
I have a task to write a program in C ++ with the following condition: To write a program ...
[4 replies] Last: Despite the title, he/she isn't writing a function. Which was part of ... (by lastchance)
Need help
Write a program that takes a 3x3 matrix as input and asks for a number entered and prints out its po...
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by Nazuki
Void Function
I declared a void function but when I tried to call it inside a switch statement it would not show u...
[1 reply] : line 58: The problem is your case label, not your function call. Your... (by AbstractionAnon)
condensing similar overloaded functions
Is there a nice way to reduce the pseudo code below into just one function? This code must be very f...
[10 replies] Last: less than 1% - an overloaded address-of operator #include <iostream... (by JLBorges)
Query re. unresolved external symbols / multiple .h .cpp files and classes (1,2)
I've been looking at a command design pattern to go in my portfolio, and have gotten a little stuck ...
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reading text file with unknown column size
Hello everyone. I wrote a code to read a txt file with specified number of column into a vector of v...
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How to kill a detached thread
Hi, I am hardware verification engineer and we are using C++ for our Verification env. I am faci...
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VS2019 linker error using SDL library (1,2)
Hi All I'm trying to use SDL 1.2 library. I'm using Visual Studio 2019 with v142 compiler.I have...
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Press any Key or Enter to Continue or Press N to stop Problem
Hello. I have a concern in the code below. The program should continue whatever keys I entered or wh...
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by themts
forward declaration of template class not working with msvc but gcc
Hey guys, I wrote a lib that needs to run under linux and windows. In linux I'm compiling with GCC ...
[17 replies] Last: That's kind of the point of templates. They are not exported they are... (by mbozzi)
GetModuleInfo Function
Please any example to use this function MODULEINFO GetModuleInfo(char * szModule) { MODULEINFO mod...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks so much , but if i change "kernel32.dll" to game name got err... (by Hawlong)
Array output formatting
Hello all, I have stumbled upon another issue with some of my classwork. For this part, we have t...
[1 reply] : One way to handle these arrays of pointers, is to only use new where t... (by kbw)
C++ Functions Assistance
Hello All! I am new to C++ and am currently stuck doing this problem. I am having toruble on figurin...
[1 reply] : The function isn't the problem, I think the problem is that you haven'... (by kbw)
Switch Statement Void Problem
Hello everyone. Whenever I pick a number in my code and enter the input below, the "cout << Your Per...
[2 replies] Last: Oh, I see so that's why it doesn't print. Thanks, man. I highly apprec... (by ForgottenLaw)
STL functions which work on vectors
Is there a document or book which has a list of all the stl functions ? I need stl functions 1) ...
[4 replies] Last: Use of map would be logical, but then you don't need any std algorithm... (by keskiverto)
How to import std.core when building a debug application?
Hi. In VStudio 2022 I get this warning when building a debug build when using: <code> import
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by RVan
Returning to 'formal' programming
I need to resume programming and I have decided to do so with C++. I have found some useful online c...
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