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Concrete types - as described by Stroustrup - C++ Programming Language 4th ed
In my understanding: A type whose 'representation is part of its definition' is a type for which we...
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How to append text to a text file in C++?
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Is there a standard definition for __cplusplus in c++14?
__cplusplus denotes the version of C++ standard that is being used, expands to value 199711L(un...
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How to make base class use derived class overloaded method
Is it possible? If I derive a class, then override one method, is there a way for the base class t...
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i need help
After level 5 lockdown, Rose, Rebecca and Rachael (three friends) realized that they had gained mu...
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How do i censor specific words in a string?
#include <iostream> #include <iterator> int main() { std::string vect = "one two n...
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difference between char array and string in cplusplus
I need to know the difference between character array and string in c++. Can any one answer to th...
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Can a struct in a vector access its index in the vector?
I am building a vector of structs. The struct will contain a data member which is a pointer to an a...
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Dynamic array of char arrays
The title might seem a little confusing but I'll try to explain. I have a struct and I know I'm gett...
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Trying to print adresses of 2D dynamic arrays
I've created a program that is able to create a staggered 2D dynamic array. I pass this array to fun...
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Find the first two consecutive pairs in the vector with greatest equal second (1,2)
One last question regarding vector of pairs. Suppose we have a vector of pairs like the following: ...
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detect mouse cursor position in a particular window
Ok, so how do I detect mouse coordinates in a particular window ? detect mouse coordinates give ge...
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aggregation relation
Why the case 3 cannot display? class Item { public: string itemName; double totPrice;...
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I'm given a sequence containing from 3 to 30 words. Printing all words that occur more than once in the sequence.
I'm given a sequence containing from 3 to 30 words, each of which contains from 1 to 5 capital Latin...
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Implement an array-based stack and count what is more in the stack
Implement an array-based stack and count what is more in the stack - vowels, consonants, or other ch...
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Check if there is at least one sequence of three zeros in the list
I need to check if there is at least one sequence of three zeros in the list (array) using an array ...
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Aggregation relationship and pointer
I have some question with the pointer, how should I do if I want to add the item array into a custom...
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Reading from multiple txt files (i.e 100 txt files) with one ifstream
Hello, Any ideas of how to read from multiple txt files (i.e 100 txt files) with one ifstream? Is...
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object oriented programming
I have problem in the pointer aggregation, if we aggregate an array in a class to another class, how...
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Plz your help!
Hello, I created a program doing the following thing: Read from txt files, calculate a number cal...
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