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Help with polynomial class arrays.
My C++ teacher for my past 2 classes has been horrible. She doesn't help when we need it and the tutors at my school don't either. I just need help getting star...
[2 replies] Last: welcome! please learn about code tags, the <> on the side editor, or c... (by jonnin)
help with Implementing class Item (1,2,3,4)
looking for help on this code. most of it is notes of what I need to include. just unsure of how to start this or if what I have is doable #include <iostrea...
[66 replies] Last: ty! that finally worked. (by ocKiNOsIi)
Switch Statements with Modifications Help
Good day to everyone. Can someone lend me a hand in modifying the code below? We are needed to modify the code below by inserting a "PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE b...
[4 replies] Last: I apologize for it, bro. It is my fault. I'll be more specific in ques... (by ForgottenLaw)
Problems in Recursion
I am trying to input the two numbers in order to find the GCD of a and b using Recursion. (with decimals of 4 digits should be included). There is an error in i...
[4 replies] Last: C++17 has std::gcd() - but only for ints. (by seeplus)
Visual Studio C++ threads
Greetings, I have worked with threads using other operating systems but now need to work with threads in Visual Studio. I have installed 2022 Preview. Is th...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks for all the good info. Regarding pthreads, I think it has som... (by jvh24521)
Golf Names and Scores
I am attempting to create a program that does the following; Gets names and scores for up to 24 golfers from user. Full name (first and last separated by space)...
[5 replies] Last: Outstanding. Thank you! (by seeplusplusnoob)
What am I doing wrong?
I am learning c++. This is my first time to deal with struct's. This code will run correctly the 1st time. On the 2nd run, it automatically enters .00 for m...
[2 replies] Last: The problem has been fixed. I was entered data in the wrong order. I... (by ashajohn2021)
How to create an array that accepts up to 24 names from User Input
What I currently have is repeating the cout line as many times as there are characters in the user input. For example, if the user inputs "Brad" then it will r...
[1 reply] : cin will not work for space split names. you probably want to use ge... (by jonnin)
Modifying a Code Statement Below
Good day to everyone. I have found a code statement regarding the temperature converter. Thanks to
[2 replies] Last: Chapter 2 at "Learn C++" is all about functions. Start here: https://... (by George P)
Modified Output in Nested-Loop Statement Help
Good day to everyone. I have a concern regarding the code and the output below. We need to modify it by reversely copying the actual output below. Can someone ...
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cin question
How come this function halts my program when i enter "2000 4" /* clear input buffer */ void cib() { char ch; while(ch != '\n') cin >> ch; } ...
[4 replies] Last: if there was no data from the buffer then it halts program until it ... (by seeplus)
Do-While Loops Logical Error Help
Good day to everyone. I'm a newbie at C++ programming and I have a concern regarding the do-while loop code below. The output is: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, men I appreciate it. (by ForgottenLaw)
Medium size interesting projects
I originally posted this to Reddit, but since the site is a clusterfuck a moderator immediately took it down, anyway, I hope to have better luck here. Hi...
[6 replies] Last: Possibly c++44 might have std::json........ (by seeplus)
Please help me on this
i have code according to the output tht i have provided. Please help me where my mistakes are. The customer have to key in the number of person for each categor...
[1 reply] : if (e) (e * a); if (f) (f * b); if (g) (g * c); if (h) (h * d); if ... (by Ganado)
Screenshot Browser
Hello, I need to develop an application in c++ where the screenshot of a browser should be done. Would anyone please have any examples? Thanks.
[9 replies] Last: @Ganado, even if (big conjecture) the OP wants that doing so still req... (by George P)
assigning values to struct from const
Hi all - I'm porting a project that has some rather unusual coding. I have a struct -- actually an array of structs, that needs to be populated. The original p...
[4 replies] Last: There's also big/little endian coming into play as well (int16_t). Pl... (by seeplus)
Nested Loops
Will someone help me find a simple code on how to display an output below using NESTED-IF 5 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 3 2 1 2 1 1
[2 replies] Last: [quote=MartyBASS] Will someone help me find a simple code... As you ha... (by The Grey Wolf)
Error: cannot convert 'std::string* {aka std::basic_string<char>*}' to 'char*' for argument '2'
Hello! I'm currently writing a quiz show code but I'm continually getting an error that has me at the end of my wits. This is the error and the function it occu...
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Returning a string from a function
Hey yall, had another question on a school project. So the goal is to use this menu to choose a subject, then enter the scores, then put the scores into a funct...
[5 replies] Last: Ah great! thank you guys so much! I am new to c++ and still getting th... (by dorito200)
Trying to find the programming code that activates or deactivates the screensaver.
Hello, if you are reading this please can you tell me what programming code activates or deactivates the screensaver in Windows please. I tried to find it but M...
[2 replies] Last: Okey, sorry. (by Programmer06)
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