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by colton
i need help
i think i get the basics it just isn't displaying. can someone help me please. my code runs once the...
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help with functions (1,2)
There are 6 skills to demonstrate: 1) Use functions. Functions sub-divide programming problems into...
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Need help with my loop, input problem
Hi, so I have my program almost complete, it's supposed to draw a hollow box from one number input i...
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by JRManx
C++ Bank Project
A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Actually, it was only about 10 years ago, and i...
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no_init_all in winnt.h???
I have a C program compiled by Visual Studio 17 successfully. I am converting some parts to C++ as ...
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How to make few copies of one function
I have made function with static elements inside and when I have 1 initialization of this function i...
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debugging issue on program
Hello I am having a hard time trying to get my program to debug it keeps saying "Unhandled exceptio...
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structs and functions
Hi I am trying to use 2 members of my struct to form the other member but I dont know how to do so. ...
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How do I cast to an abstract class and call a function on it?
Hi, In my project I have four classes - A,B,C and D. C is an interface that A and B implement, wit...
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Can someone explain how this code and algorithm works in depth?
Can someone explain how this code and algorithm works in depth? It came from my c++ book that we ar...
[1 reply] : The Siamese method: (by JLBorges)
Improve the partition of a perfect binary tree
If the height of a binary tree is h, and its node count is 2^(h+1)-1, then the binary tree is perfec...
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Improve algorithm speed.
Input: T is a positive-number sorted array in ascending order and the numbers are unique, T is...
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{} usage in template specialization/call
I am trying to uderstand beter a teplate code: request.setOpt (CO::Url {string {K.url_base} + "publ...
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