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by iamone
please help
please help me at catch it says "C1075 {: no matching token found" twice and i dont know what to do static int total_alloc; static std::m...
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Clinic Queue Management System C++
Can someone help me to share the code for Clinic Queue Management System using C++ Data Structure ? I have to submit the assignment in a week. Please help me. T...
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Histogram Help
I am having trouble converting the numbers into a histogram output and am unsure how to even go about it. If anyone has some advice on this program, please hel...
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Anyone here familiar with LevelDB and/or Reindexer?
I am a .NET developer trying to figure out how replicate something in c# that's being done in c++. The application in question is Pocketnet, a crypto-based soci...
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executable symbol information issue?
When you dump symbol information from an executable if it gives you all symbol information, does this mean that symbol information dumped is what the executable...
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by Cplusc
node connectivity of a mesh
I asked this question before and I got some answers, but it's not working for me. I have a list of triangle with its vertices like below, triangle node0 node1 ...
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by Ganado
Using :: in C++ language
Does this mean that inside of the iostream file the developers that created it made a namespace called std and put the functions cin and cout into the namespa...
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separating declaration from definition at templates
Hello, I want to clear whats happening with code where merely declaration is provided but definition resides in a separate compile unit. function.hpp: // fun...
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by helios
Code review - RW mutex implementation This is a simple multiple-reader, single-writer mutex class for C++14. Reader locks can be upgraded and ...
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How can i correctly make the definition of class in cpp
Hello , I am really new in c++ development . I created a class Backend . In Backend.h I defined a constructor . So I would like t redefine correctly m...
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by Cplusc
returning vector from a class member function (1,2)
I have a member function of class SparceMatrixStruct which should return a vector. std::vector<size_t>SparceMatrixStruct::col_ind(VecVecIdx_t &refined_node_co...
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