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C++ GUI QT (Trafic Light)
@kigar64551 Im just gonna use the path of the x3 for now as I only need to submit screenshots of it ...

C++ GUI QT (Trafic Light)
What its doing now is "Displaying" but a big white box that looks like a Traffic light with no light...

C++ GUI QT (Trafic Light)
basicly its not running [output]Widget was not declared in this scope at line 103-104[/output] I wa...

C++ GUI QT (Trafic Light)
My header and .pro file is the following : [code]#ifndef MAINWINDOW_H #define MAINWINDOW_H #includ...

C++ GUI QT (Trafic Light)
I have to write a GUI application for Traffic light - Green/Yellow/Red im allowed to specify the tim...