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Questions about isolating each function for Unit Test
Hi, I am currently creating some unit test for my C code with google test (test case written in C++), but I have some trouble in implementing it. Sorry if my qu...
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Clock display stops when watering function runs.
Hi, absolute beginner here. I'm building a automated irrigation system using these parts: Arduino Uno DS1307RTC Grove Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor 2x ...
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LNK2019 errors in Driver.cpp (1,2)
The purpose of this assignment is to implement an ArrayDictionary.h file. Which is an array-based implementation of the ADT dictionary that organizes its data i...
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Odd behavior with initilization.
I am trying to have id1 be one step ahead of count(number-wise). I was trying to accomplish this with the prefix version of the increment operator, but this pro...
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Trouble initilizing variable within constructor.
Main file: #include <iostream> #include "Count.h" using namespace std; int main() { Count test1; test1.information(); return 0; } ...
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Card Shuffling and Dealing Simulation
In my reference book i studied the sample program in which the problem is that Write a program to randomly shuffle the deck of cards and to deal it out. Some F...
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operators in c++
I want to learn c++ through practicing and i am researching on operators of c++. Kindly tell me that ! has higher precedence than relational operators or relati...
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boost serialization preperation
hello again, I've been working on this piece of code for a while with the help of people on here, and I am now wanting to include boost serialization into this ...
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Help with input validation
So I've got this whole program working but basically I need to insert something in the code that says after three attempts at putting an invalid answer (anythin...
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Finding the smallest value in two arrays related
Hello everyone, I have a small question. I have two vectors as follows: A=[3 0 0 7] B=[5 3 8 9] I need to find the index of the smallest values of A whic...
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by Kyang
Selection sort by last name
Hello, I am working on an assignment that requires me to sort an a vector of names in alphabetical order using the last name. I don't know how to do that when t...
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by Kyang
Selection sort in alphabetical order not sorting
Hello, I am working on an assignment where we need to sort a list of names and corresponding grades into alphabetical order, but my code is not sorting. The inp...
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