Questions about isolating each function for Unit Test

Hi, I am currently creating some unit test for my C code with google test (test case written in C++), but I have some trouble in implementing it. Sorry if my question are all over the place, I was quite lost.

Example case:
A.c & A.h has function X, Y, and Z. X will call Y, Y will call Z. & A_Mock.h has mock class with function X_Mock, Y_Mock, and Z_Mock.

To unit test function X, I would have to use Y_Mock. My current solution is by using conditional compilation to isolate each function, and using macros to select either actual or mock function depending on which function to test. Although this works, I would have to create a lot of unit test file (3 utest files for each function in A), and more if module A grows with more function call stack. Is there a simpler way to isolate each function?
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As I understand it, Mock provide place holders for objects, but you don't have any objects (as you're using C).

Do you have to use mocks? Isn't testing the outputs from a set of inputs sufficient?
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