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Container questions (1,2,3)
Just read and practiced my vector/deque/list/forward_list/set/multiset containers and I wondered about this one. 1) Why did they make it so that a set is REQ...
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Shared variable between thread(ISR) and main()
Hello folks, I want to create a variable that will be shared between a thread (ISR) and main() I am working on embedded environment on linux os Basically...
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by Ch1156
Collision detection using bit manipulation
So while working on a small game I discovered that the usual if statements for collision detection work fine for single directions, but when I had collision in ...
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Confused about dangling pointers on a parent-child class
I am trying to understand dangling pointers using a Base Class and a Derived Class. #include <iostream> // Base class class BaseClass { private: pr...
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sizeof(integers)/sizeof(integers[0]) on vector<int> (x64) (1,2)
sizeof(integers)/sizeof(integers ) On x86 this works just fine, but on x64 the vector seems to reserve a long long (8 bytes) for each element but only uses ...
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Operator overloading (1,2,3)
I am trying to understand operating overloading a bit better and I have 2 questions. 1)Why do we need a return of Date& in this part that is by the book? ...
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