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Vector of struct vs. two 1D vectors (1,2,3)
Greetings, I received the prototype of a simulation code from a colleague for a bunch of particles in two dimensions (x and y coordinates), and I went and impr...
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OpenMP to compute PI
Greetings, I am working my way into OpenMP. The following code is supposed to compute pi. It works fine for one thread, but in case of multiple threads the re...
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by jNc
improve logger function
void writeToLog(){ string fileName = "/home/j/s/textFiles/logMPU.txt"; string line = ""; int lines = 0; ifstream file(fileName.c_str()); string d_txtFil...
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Cstring program not executing
Hello, Can anyone please guide what is wrong with my program. copied from a book I recently purchased and tried in code blocks. The terminal opens and I tyoe bu...
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getchar and print c
hallo, a starters qwestion i wand to get char from the terminal window, but get a gcc error compiling it. ......................................... test...
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