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operator const char* return (1,2)
Hi y'all i was wondering if i can have something like this on one line? return (ss.str().c_str()); or return ((ss.str()).c_str()); operator co...
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ASM code and C++
Hallo, cplusplus. i am trying to get a bios interrupt call to the bios in c++. but compiling it i get a error.. kernel.c:27:9: warning: implicit declar...
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Looking for tutor for OOP class
Hi everyone, I dont know if this is the right channel to ask this but im starting to fall behind pretty hard in my OOP class, I really need to catch up on a cou...
[3 replies] Last: I can help you out with what I know currently. Tag me if you are inter... (by CodeChaser)
Launch A Program
I'm working on my GUI game framework (SDL, Linux Machine). I have a keyboard shortcut that sends things into edit mode, and I want to have an edit option attach...
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How to ensure log folder is created before any log calls are made?
The actual code I'm working with is complicated (and something I can't post) so I'm going to use a proxy example. I have a Visual Studio Solution that contain...
[5 replies] Last: Logger.h does serialize writes to the logfile. There is a utility fun... (by kigar64551)
split 32 bit variable to array of 4 u8 variables
Hello. How can I split (using pointers) u32 variable to array of 4 u8 ? I tried this: u32 data = 0x12345678; u8 * data_8_bit = (u8*)&data; But ...
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Visual studio keep aligning assignment operator
Hi, I want to turn off this type of formatting someLongVariable = false; shortVar = true; I prefer this someLongVariable = f...
[1 reply] : found it. In text editor | all languages | tabs | indenting -> check b... (by rudiHammad)
by Mif
C programming / Program is Crushing when in release
I got this Unhandled exception when I try to run my program in release mod. I don't know what am I doing wrong, and I can't find where I'm exceeded the array bo...
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Linking problem with qrcodegencpp [Linux]
Installing a new library and future its compilation is always pain for me. I've just installed simple lib:
[4 replies] Last: >> /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ > This one looks lik... (by keskiverto)
Pointer to array in 2d array
Hi folks. I have certain function (in .cpp source) that takes a pointer to an array of 8 integer values. (The function is responsible for creating a Minor - ter...
[6 replies] Last: Ah, yes, you ran into magic VLA stuff. Fix that by cranking up your c... (by Duthomhas)
Git questions
Hi. Can I ask here git questions?
[2 replies] Last: That git-scm website has lots of git flavors for the 3 big OSes. If y... (by George P)
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