public static member function


static bool eq_int_type (const int_type& x, const int_type& y);
static constexpr bool eq_int_type (int_type x, int_type y) noexcept;
Compare int_type values
Returns whether x and y are considered equal.

If both x and y represent valid characters, the function returns the same as member eq would for their char_type transformations.

Also, if both x and y are copies of eof(), the function returns true. If only one of them is a copy of eof(), the function returns false.

In all other cases, the returned valued is unspecified.


x, y
Values to compare.
Member type int_type is an integral type that can represent eof() or any valid character value.

Return Value

true if x is considered equal to y.



Exception safety

No-throw guarantee: this member function never throws exceptions.

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