public member function


generic (1)
explicit ctype (size_t refs = 0);           // generic ctype constructor
char specialization (2)
explicit ctype (const mask* tab = 0,        // constructor for ctype<char>          bool del = false, size_t refs = 0);
ctype constructor
Constructs a ctype facet object.

(1) generic constructor (only for non-char instantiations)
Calls the constructor of its base class locale::facet.
(2) char specialization (only for ctype<char>)
The char specialization of ctype takes additional arguments to allow for optional custom character tables, and also calls the constructor of its base class locale::facet.


Pointer to an array containing a table with the classification of each of the characters in the character set (as if returned by the array version of ctype::is). Or a null pointer, if the classic table (a predefined table) is to be used.
ctype::mask is a bitmask member type.
If true, the destructor will automatically delete the table passed as first argument, so that the program needs not to care about the facet's lifetime.
Reference count for automatic lifetime management. One of the following:
0The object is automatically deleted when the last locale containing this facet is destroyed.
1The object is not automatically deleted.
size_t is an unsigned integral type.