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How to convert number to char c++ win32
I want to convert the number 65 to the letter A I tried : char s = 65 but still output 65
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by zakoun
Need to press enter for my console C++ code to continue executing on windows cmd
I have written a c++ code that sends logs to the console using cout. the issue is that i have sometimes to press enter so my code can continue executing and dis...
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Creating a windows with WS_POPUP style
I'm implementing a simple program displaying an image on the screen using `GDI+` `WinAPI`. Here is the code I have so far: #include <windows.h> ...
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Hook the printf outputs
I want to get the printf outputs of a foreign C++ dll in my C# application. Is there a way to install a hook? The foreign c++ dll is encapsulated via my own ...
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by radi8
Memory Access Violation using CRegKey
I have an application that is pretty old that I am tasked to update to run on new hardware. I am using Visual Studio 2019 to accomplish this. I have a really b...
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by helios
Shared memory and permissions
Would it be possible for a creation of shared memory to fail because the process has insufficient permissions? Also, is it possible to create a shared memory...
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GDI+ Layered Window Render Problem
(I am new on this website so I hope "Windows Programming" is the correct forum for GDI+.) I am using GDI+ to render an image to a layered window. It's suppose...
[1 reply] : Implementing a double-buffering setup with GDI+ might be what you are ... (by George P)
pointer to callback function
Hello everyone, I'm trying to use the EnumWindowStations function from the WinUser.h library but I can't pass it the pointer to the callback function I created....
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by togtja
I am working on a program that can search through memory of another process for a byte array. Now I have succesfully done this, but I wanted to multithread it. ...
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by parian
MessageBox and int to string
Up front - 1st post and preview doesn't seem to work, and hope code tags do, Hope this is not too basic a question, but how does Windows communicate an integ...
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