Windows Programming - August 2021

I have a small snippet of code in my WndProc that has a WM_PAINT with nothing in it except return(0)...
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Providing electronic car weighing station management software nationwide
Providing electronic car weighing station management software nationwide Nowadays, the control of t...
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by Geckoo
Letter Occurences Hello. I am working on a simple program so as to che...
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by Weasel
Common controls
When I change the colours of Windows or the theme, the controls change their size and position. How...
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Is intellisense broken in VS 16.11.0?
Is it just me and my code or is intellisense broken is VS 16.11.0 for you too? Did you find any w...
[13 replies] Last: Thanks, I have reported my issue with intellisense soon after and the ... (by malibor)
Delete logs after N Days
Hi. I have a website. I'm getting logs via syslog to my website. I want to write a c++ code for, de...
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count the number of occurrences of each bigram in a text bigrams.size(); https://en.cppreferenc...
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by thmm
Windows programming: where to start? (1,2)
My ultimate goal would be to create a more or less complex application What kind of application -...
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by Weasel
Trackbar control
How can I ensure that the background colour of my trackbar control is the same colour as the backg...
[1 reply] : You need to handle WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC to update background color: htt... (by malibor)
Evdev Equivalent for Windows
I’ve been designing a keyboard macro program that takes control of a second keyboard and turns it ...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah dude, I've thought up maybe something similar. The idea I was ha... (by zEcs Cilnt)
C++ move assignment compile time error
Good day admin I need a cue here the below c++ code is spoiling my coffee. #include <iostream> #...
[4 replies] Last: Something like (NOT properly tried/tested): #include <iostream> #in... (by seeplus)
Comparing pseudo handles?
I know we can check whether 2 handles are same by using CompareObjectHandles API. https://docs.mic...
[5 replies] Last: pseudo handles are local to process as opposed to real handles which a... (by malibor)
Win32 TabControl Flicker
I made a GUI with a native splitter separating a ListView and TabControl. The TabControl has two chi...
[1 reply] : #include <Windows.h> #include <commctrl.h> #include <windowsx.h> #in... (by InNeedOfHelp)
Full duplex on win32 api
Hey just a beginner here to the win32 API so hopefully you'll bare with me :) Programing in c++ w...
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by Wali23
Code running error
Level 1: Small perfect numbers Begin by writing a program that prints perfect numbers (those with a ...
[1 reply] : This isn't windows programming - its just c++. You'd be better off re-... (by seeplus)
Create Multiple Binary Files in C++
Hello guyz, i need little help i created C++ program thats suppose to create binary files from hexa ...
[3 replies] Last: Why so complicated? You need to open the output stream once and write... (by thmm)
Repainting the Client area
I'm new to Windows Programming as I've been doing embedded for many years. I am using Petzold's boo...
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NaN string to double GCC
Good day! ;) Noticed strange behavior is some rare cases in my program, and after some digging foun...
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