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On coming across #include <condition_variable>
[b]Conditional variables[/b] are used in [i]multi-threaded[/i] applications to "synchronize" threads...

Handling duplicate keys as collisions in unordered_map?
If you can't use [code]std::unordered_multimap[/code], which would be the natural choice, you can st...

Random numbers
As said before, your code [code]reinterpret_cast<uintptr_t>([b]&[/b]this->lol)[/code] takes the addr...

How to protect dlls?
You can try something like: [code]#include <intrin.h> #include <Windows.h> const wchar_t *get_file...

How to protect dlls?
DLL code can use [code]GetModuleFileName()[/code] with [i]hModule[/i] set to [b]NULL[/b] to get the ...

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