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Does reference variable/reference parameter store address?
Well, if you pass an object [i][b]by reference[/b][/i] into function, and if we assume that the func...

Image pixel to vector
Do [b]not[/b] assume "file type" (file format) and "file name extension" are the same thing. Some f...

Image pixel to vector
[i]Without[/i] using a third-party library, you will have to [u]decode[/u] the image data (pixel val...

FFT results of c++ vs MATLAB
Do the values returned from FFTW differ from your "expected" by a [i]constant factor[/i]? (it's pos...

Freezing and Boiling Points
If you really [i]have[/i] to, because "the task" requires it, you can still do: [code]#define DEF_S...

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