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C++ multithreading deadlock example
[quote]Isn't [code]std::scoped_lock[/code] generally very inefficient compared to std::unique_lock? ...

C++ multithreading deadlock example
[quote]When any of the functions starts firstly, the locks inside it lock the mutexes. Other functio...

How to Proxychain properly with WinSocks?
I'm not an expert on SOCKS5, but what exactly is your problem? Did you try to break it down [i]step ...

How to Proxychain properly with WinSocks?
[quote]Now i reached the limit of my knowledge how to achieve that Proxy 2 and how to make sure its ...

Shortcut Icon same as application icon
What do you mean with "ico resource file, declared in the .cpp file" ??? 🤔 If you want your EXE ...

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