sende faster than receiver

so I made a basic winsock application that sends/receives files from lan computers and it works perfectly on my computer but when I try to send files to my friend's pc, I notice a huge speed difference between my sending and his receiving I am using TCP protocol and FD_READ window message to recv incoming messages, I have set the buffer size to 262144 bytes (256 kb) and my socket are set on blocking mode I guess, how could this happen

Update: I think that the problem is coming from the fact I'm using WSAAsyncSelect() witch sets recv() automatically to non-blocking I tried WSAEventSelect(sock, NULL, 0) but It didn't work, I just want to keep the FD_READ window message because otherwise I wou't be able to handle other window messages when recv() is preventing that from happening
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Exactly HOW are you sending files to your friend's PC? Direct connect by a cable? Internet?

A LAN isn't the internet, lag can be quite the issue that would go unnoticed when dealing with low packet numbers of most web pages.
no definitely not lag issue, It's a LAN network and internet access is not needed, the problem is that recv() is non blocking and gets called frequently and that causes ugly buffers, sometimes my sending progessbar is at 75% while my friend is still at 10%, I just want to know how to set the socket back to blocking mode while still using the event FD_READ
So.....slower transfer is not lag?

Cabling and network connection cards can be a major PITA for creating unexpected lag.
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please help me find a solution to my problem, witch I told you about above.
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In my decades of working with networks hardware can be just as much a source of lag as software.

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To be fair, I don't think fewdiefie said anything that was unreasonable up until the last post.
But also, I don't think the issue is being described well enough, I think more code and solid performance comparisons are needed (w/ minimal reproducible example), and speeds need to be compared to using an existing solution like using Python's built-in server. Lots of diagnostic stuff could help narrow down the issue.
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thank you @Ganado

my code is something like this
case FD_READ:
    int sz = recv( g_socket, buff, 262144, 0 );
    if( sz <= 0 )
        if( WSAGetLastError() == WSAEWOULDBLOCK )
        if( g_bClient )
            r = send( g_socket, g_fileBuff + index * 262144, chunkSize );
            g_nBytes += r;
        else if( g_bHost )
            memcpy( g_fileBuff, buff + index * 262144, sz );
            g_nBytes += sz;

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You might look into your recv() logic: If recv() returns zero, that means the other side has shut down: You should handle this accordingly.
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