Create a fake Linux coding for a feature Film scene

SOLVED Thx for the infos

Hi my name is Vincent, I am the production designer on a feature film.

I have a scene where actor is entering some code into a laptop to connect into an iranian nuclear station:
Could someone help me write some fake code that looks like he would be hacking into the nuclear station.

Understanding it's hollywood: so some of the words need to be recognizable for the viewer, but i also want it to look pseudo legitimate so a basic programer would look at it and think: "oh yeah that would work"

this coding will be inserted into some imagery that we will play in his laptop, so it looks like actor is typing it

Let me know if one of you can me, drawback is i need it asap....

Thanks in advance
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programming in C++ != hacking

Sounds like this should be in Jobs:
thanks for the suggestion

posted it in that forum
C++ is a tool for creating new software. This activity doesnt have much to do with exploiting problems in software that already exists. It is tangentially related at best.

You could just install and run the program nmap, and already be way ahead of many. It has a long history of being used in film.

If that doesn't appeal to you, maybe look to scenes from "Mr. Robot" for a reasonable interpretation.
If a "hacker" was to compromise the network of whatever kind of institution, he or she would probably run something like Kali Linux and use tools like Metasploit or nmap in order to find vulnerabilities in the network to be attacked. These vulnerabilities may then be leveraged to actually "infiltrate" the network.

Also, very likely, such an attack would involve social engineering.

As others have pointed out, all this does not usually required programming new tools (software), e.g. in a programming language like C++, but requires "only" using the existing "hacking" tools.

Having said that, I would be shocked if any "critical" machines of a nuclear station were actually connected to the Internet. It's probably more likely you can hack into your local water supply or something like that, because those tend to have badly protected "remote maintenance" interfaces ;-)
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just install notepad ++ and bring up some opensource C++ code (or whatever language) like a networking or security library source code or example. Your network guys can do it, assuming you have an IT guy somewhere in your production group?

Have the actor memorize a short section and re-create it or copy it, cut it, and paste it back in or whatever looks right for your scene. Or pay a software engineer a small fee to write something and stunt double it. I would do it for free if I were in the neighborhood, just to get my name in the credits, lol :) Can't/won't be going to callie though, they don't respect my daily carry, so youll have to find another nerd.

hacking comes in many forms. I got past a security suite in 5 min with windows' notepad editor when I was in college.

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1. I don't remember the name of the program (it's in Linux), but it essentially fakes a hacker's screen. It actually uses some of the tools that already exist on your Linux box.
2. When I'm watching a movie, unless it's supposed to be factual, I don't really care about the realism, as long as it fits the story. For instance, the movie Hackers (1995), or Antitrust (2001). Some of the tech was "real", but most was just outlandishly Hollywood. Doesn't keep me from periodically tossing them back into the player for another watch. Seems to me, no matter how "real" you try to make a movie, there will always be people who will try to tear it down.
there will always be people who will try to tear it down.

made up stuff is fine to a point but totally incorrect stuff that would have taken 5 min on a web search to get right is annoying as all get out, esp for really basic stuff.
I mean, things everyone would know. Like guns are almost always screwed up in hollywood, simple stuff... wife was watching some dumb crime show and they are set in the USA south, and they proceed to 'check registration' (no such thing) on a firearm. Or like the terminator when he hits a gun shop ... in a police state that barely allows a musket ... to buy an uzi full auto (something that requires 10s of thousands of dollars and a class 3 federal paperwork stamp and more to own, if its legal at all (not sure about the dates, full autos have to be made before a date in the 80s or something else they are not allowed). Stuff like this is just teeth grating, its supposed to be a little realistic, but is total gibberish. Hacking is the same way... most of the hollywood crap has some guy who sounds like the wizard of id 'frammin on the jimjam' and we are supposed to buy that they cracked the security at NSA or at the other end of the spectrum, hacked into something that isnt connected to computers at all.
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