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Any experts on Git sub-modules here?
So, I have a Git repository that was created by a colleague and that contains a number of sub-modules. Usually, when I have worked with Git sub-modules before, ...
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by zapshe
I got a weird email..
The contents of the email: https://imgur.com/a/EM8GNch Anyone else get something like this? I apparently the proud owner of cplusplus.com šŸ˜³
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by mbozzi
User maxim2511 sounds like a chatbot.
The volume & tonal consistency of @maxim2511's posts suggests to me that they are ChatGPT. Also the mistakes in their posts are weird. https://cplusplus.com/u...
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What was your longest debugging time?
We often hear how debugging can get really hard and can take hours and sometimes more than a day to find the problem. Some year ago I asked a question here o...
[11 replies] Last: What assembly debugging? When I started assembly at university all we ... (by seeplus)
by helios
Old-man rant
What's with playback controls in modern media players? I thought CD players had figured out these interfaces in the '80s: |<< (or alternatively |<) means "go to...
[7 replies] Last: Using a sophisticated decoder library, like mpg123, which hides the "... (by helios)
Expired certificate
Ahh.... The security certificate for this site has expired! So you have to ignore all the warnings and agree to continue. I've reported this.
[1 reply] : Let's encrypt with automatic certificate renewal to the rescue! https... (by kigar64551)
by Geckoo
Turing completeness
Often I read that an esoteric language is Turing Completeness when it can "simulate any Turing machine and by extension the computational aspects of any possibl...
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by zapshe
I just got my diploma in the mail...
And I have a temptation to make a youtube video where I open the package, show it off, then rip it to shreds. I think my YouTube career would take off.
[8 replies] Last: you can also just tell them it got lost in the mail and to send anoth... (by IWishIKnew)
C++23 - status
C++23 ā€œPandemic Editionā€ is now complete! See: https://herbsutter.com/2023/02/13/c23-pandemic-edition-is-complete-trip-report-winter-iso-c-standards-meetin...
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ChatGPT; should we fear it?
Hi guys, I haven't seen a similar question asked here, so I want to hear everyone's thoughts; now, it may be slightly naive and rather preliminary to say, that...
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WinAPI, Visual Studio 2022, x86 app and C++20
Ugh, VS 2022 v17.5 update introduced some weird "wrinkle" when compiling WinAPI code with the C++ language standard set to C++20: Build started... ------ B...
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