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What are some of your favorite parts of the internet? What are some things that really annoy you on the internet (trolls are a given)?
Threads like this one.
Posts like the one above.
People like the ones in this forum. (We're not specifying which question we're answering.)

Posts like this one. <- :D
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I like it that 70% of the information on the net is accurate, but I don't like that 35% is just wrong.

I lol'd

I didn't
@ Kyon: I also hate messages like this one.
@Kyon: they're both different users. Note the last digit.
Yup, I'm Xander333+=4
xander337 wrote:
xander337 wrote:

You just assigned 4 to xander333, now he's xander337 as well!
I'm well aware! With two of us there can be double the xanderfull goodness.
now he's xander337 as well

Unless of course xander333 was passed by value.
How do you know? Xander333 might be any variable type or user-defined class. Who knows what its operators are overloaded to. For all we know, Xander333 might be a *gasp* pointer, now pointing to random memory locations!
If xander333 is a C-string then his name is now er333...
And if xander333 is a std string, then his name is now: "xander333"+char(4) (meaning: END OF TRANSMISSION).
Luckily for all things I am none of the above. Xander337 is an object of the class Alex, which is derived from the pure virtual parent classes Mother and Father.

The += operator is overloaded to add the passed value to my power-level.
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VEGETA, what does the scouter say about his power-level?


Sure, I know the difference between 337 and 333. I was just literally referring to my own post.
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