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Name:Felix Sanchez
Bio:I got my first computer when I was 11 and I LOVED it so I started messing around with programs and when I felt I was ready to start learning computer programming I decided to learn C++ So I could build PSP home brew apps. I am still learning so I am still computer ignorant.
Sorry :)
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http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/classes/ [code]Image ()[/code] is the default constructor tha...

How to add GUI?
Thanks, I am going to start making it myself. I hope I don't fail epically XD.

How to add GUI?
Hello guys! I just "finished" a video game I was working on (Epic-Quest) and I was wondering how cou...

Learning assembler language
Right click the link and select "save link as" assuming you are using Google Chrome.

Will this give me memory leaks regarding to std::vector clear and erase function
Use [code]std::auto_ptr <T> [/code] or for the new C++0x standard use [code]std::unique_ptr <T> [/co...