Guidelines are not rules

Indeed. Followup question:
Is the "Guidelines are not rules" a guideline or a rule? ...
"Guidelines are not rules" is also a guideline, because your company or team could choose to enforce the guidelines as rules even if they are just meant as guidelines.
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“This rule is not a rule.”

“...unless it is a rule that it is.”
This is almost as nonsensical as the rant about the C++ stdlib is not the STL.

I'm all for being precise as possible, but precision can be taken to absurd levels that render a discussion a Religious War.
Meh, the STL isn’t the Standard Library. And that’s a 13-year old article.

But that is the nature of randos on the internet sharing knowledge.
Sometimes people are wrong.

And sometimes people are just plain annoying.
And that’s all I’ll say about that guy’s opinion piece...

Good threads often start with some fun nonsense.
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It's important to understand the reason for the guideline/rule. Sometimes the reason doesn't apply, so breaking the rule is perfectly okay.
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There were rules?
There were rules?

"There are rules, and then there are rules."
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