Parsing .exe files

If you're interested in the contents of what constitutes an .exe file (apart from the actual code...) then have a look at this article

and a program that uses the lib to display .exe contents

For a GUI app that parses an app's exe file I've used NPE File Analyzer for years. Sadly the app is no longer being developed, at least not for free.

It works just fine on Win10 x64 Pro, so likely to not have any agita with Win11.

The PE parsing library referenced above looks nice, the prebuilt app sends Win10 into a tizzy about an unknown publisher. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!
Another way to parse an exe file is determining what DLL get loaded when starting an app, a rewrite of the MS Dependency Walker:

Windows only.
Another no longer being updated, or no longer free, is UPX Easy GUI. It is a nice (IMO) frontend to compress/decompress exe files with the UPX EXE Compressor app.
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