OOP and functional programming

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So hands up all those who remember CESIL ?

What, no-one studied Computing in the 1970's?


Here's an opportunity:
About languages which have disappeared over the decades, Rosetta Code references 874 different languages. Most of them are just dead...

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I'd forgotten about MIX. Knuth's TAOCP was referenced during our data structure/algorithms university courses and we had an implementation to play around with written by a 3rd year student as their project.
Many people might agree with me on this. OOP and Functional programming both have their place. For example, you wouldn't use C# for writing a kernel or any other low-level environment.
@NoahP: Is Haskell for kernel developers or do we disagree on the meaning of "functional programming"?
Actually Microsoft was doing research some years ago on an OS written almost entirely in C# and running as managed code, called Singularity. It was abandoned, which I think it's a shame because it was an interesting project, but it proves that it's definitely possible.
Huh, I ran across Cosmos, something that supposedly uses C# and is "an operating system development kit which uses Visual Studio as its development environment."


Looks semi-interesting, but not something I want to fool around with.
Looks interesting. I'll save it for later, thanks!
I thought that Singularity is about containers for HPC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singularity_(software)
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