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The site now has a mobile view, but it's buggy. I can't figure-out how to sign-in or get a true desktop view. It always redirects me to
If I choose desktop view, it looks like the desktop-view, but it's not not.

Definitely an improvement, and I can't imagine ever wanting to make comments with my phone anywhere other than the Lounge.
Can't post in the mobile view even though the site does say I am logged in.
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I have the same problem.

I did figure out how to sign-in. There is two ways to sign-in, but it looks like only one of them works. If you use the sign-in at the top it takes you to

Giving me a blank page with "0" displayed.

But the hyperlink at the bottom of the forums works where it says: "Registered users can post here. Sign in or register to post."

It's possible it's just a problem with Firefox mobile.

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I can log in and post from Chrome mobile.

For sites that I do need to change to not be mobile, I usually have to check the "use desktop site" box, and then still manually remove the m from the URL.
Edit: Oh, but I see what you mean now, it's forcing mobile even when I've done that. Pretty cruddy.
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Well, now on the mobile site does notice someone is already logged in and allow for making replies.
This reply is via the mobile site URL.
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I'm now able to post using Firefox mobile. This is nice.
Oh yeah, I noticed too.

Nice to see some changes :)
The biggest shocker here is that, apparantly, this site is still being actively developed!

Hopefully the "can't see the preview" when writing an initial post is looked at and fixed. :Þ
Yeah, there are some honking big bugs that, you would think, would have higher priority than a whole new mobile-friendly view. And improving the functionality of the existing forum would probably be more helpful than a mobile view.

And, frankly, more actively moderating troublemakers would be, from my perspective, a more beneficial use of time than developing a mobile view.

Being charitable, it's possible that developing a mobile view has been a long-term project that has taken up all of admin's time, and that now that it's done, there might now be more focus on the other things many of us would like to see happen.
Did mobile view disappear for anyone else?
@Duthomhas, make your window smaller and reload the page.
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I'm currently reading on my Android.

Worked yesterday, stopped today. I changed nothing on my end.
Mobile view is working for me on my desktop with Firefox and on my fire tablet with Amazon silk.
If you (accidentally) press "No, thanks" it seems like you cannot change mode unless you restart your browser (or clear your cookies).


If I click "No, thanks" to the mobile version I can later type into the address bar and get to choose again.

But if I click "No thanks" to the desktop version I am automatically redirected to the mobile version if I later try to visit the desktop version (unless I increase the size of the browser window).

It feels like there are still some improvements to be made...
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@Peter87, clearly the mobile site is a "work in progress." Let's hope some of the more egregious issues with the non-mobile site get addressed and fixed as well. Soon.
Mobile View working for me again.
When logged out there are links to "Beta version" (mobile) and "Legacy version" (desktop). This makes me wonder if the plan is to eventually let every one use this new version.
I wonder why there is no communication from the admin?
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