Love the style

Absolutely love the retro style of this place! It's hard to find an active forum like this these days.

Anyways, I'm just stopping by to say hello and that I'll be sticking around to lurk the C++ forums here for a while. Currently learning C++ via Sololearn and hoping to start freelancing the moment I have a decent grasp of C++.
Welcome! Yeah it's nice to have a site that keeps its javascript at a tolerable level without a bunch of ads getting in your face.
EDIT: Nevermind, of course as soon as I post something like this, this site starts to produce invasive pop-ups. Ad blocker is going back on!
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A couple of other resources (online tutorials) for learning C++ solo:


(The tutorial here is somewhat outdated, it was created before C++17 was standardized)


If you want a reference resource for C++:

C++ Reference is NOT a site for learning C++. There are examples there, but they are not for noobs.
Thanks! and Thanks for the resources! I'm currently trying to conceptualize Encapsulation. Feels like c++ just threw me off a cliff with this...
The advantage of the links I gave you is they are FREE.
I'm currently trying to conceptualize Encapsulation

Might be easier to actually start programming with classes and such then figure out later the concepts behind it.
Might be easier to actually start programming with classes and such then figure out later the concepts behind it.

Makes sense. After all, "encapsulation" is not a goal but rather a property of code that is written a certain way. It's hardly important, since the user of your software can't tell and doesn't care about how your code is written.
Good points.

I think I jumped ahead in learning a little too quickly. Seems like I'm still a little weak in the loops and functions area. Before I head down the road of classes, I'm going to try to strengthen my grasp on functions and loops before practicing classes. C++ gets complex pretty quick.
The tutorial at Learn C++ is probably your best resource then.
Honestly, YouTube isn't so bad. I learned the basics of C++ (functions, while, do while, for loops, classes/objects, pointers, a lot of other stuff) in just a ~4 hour long video.
Teaches more in 4 hours than some professors do in a whole semester.
But for more advanced C++, yes, websites like would fit better.
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