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difference between std::list and linked lists
Hello i am new in C++ and i was thinking of what is the difference between std::list and linked list and why we learn linked lists if std::list is available.
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string Library
When I use the library #include<cstring> in my C++ program I do not have any problems with 'string' declarations. I am only using the 'using namespace st...
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I thought typedef was used for macros these days? Is #define used for this also? sorry if this just seems like a dumb question - I'm reading a book that uses #...
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Sorting alphabetically
I am not sure how to sort output in alphabetical order. It took me awhile to get the code to work how it should, reading from an input.txt and then outputting t...
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Image fading help needed C++ (1,2,3)
Hi All I am new to image processing using c++. I need to read an image pixel by pixel, then modify the image by fading it, and then the final result must be ...
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Implementing graph in a rectangular grid.
EDIT - the OP has disappeared and taken his question with him. Your question is nonsense, and the people on StackOverflow thought the same: https://stackoverfl...
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forward and reverse for loops with C++ containers
(I'm including SSCCE [ ]code snippets so those not familiar with the subject can follow along, the regulars here will implicitly understan...
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fstream inFile filter (super basic codes)
Hi, this is my first time posting here so if I violated any rules I am truly sorry. I am a new CS student and I've been learning programming in C++ for almost ...
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ofstream() '<<' ambiguous error (1,2)
Cannot satisfy the Compiler with this simple code. It works just fine in another Xcode C++ project, same Build Settings, I can cout << ss ; OK, but canno...
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Visual Studio 2019: How do I see code work in real time
Wasn't sure where to post this. It could fall under Windows Programming or Lounge but since I've been getting all my help for this project in this forum I deci...
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by ameera
C++ using Atom, output w/ terminal, macbook air M1
hi all, i'm trying to run C++ on Atom (using macbook air M1). the output is in the terminal shell and it works perfectly fine but, when it's compeleted, i ge...
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count the number of distinct duplicated characters in a string
Hello guys, Do you have any idea how to count the number of distinct duplicated characters that appear in a string? For instance in the string "George" I hav...
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return to original position commands
Hello guys, I have a problem kinda disturbing. Suppose I am at O(0,0) and I can go one step forward with f, turn 90 degrees right with r and 90degrees left wit...
[3 replies] Last: @Duthomhas gave you a formula for the number of moves, not commands. S... (by mbozzi)
C++ Swap help me?
int mainFinder(int 0, int 5){ if (l == r){ for(int i = 0; i < 6; i++){ res = 0; op = ' '; } int res = finder(0, 0, 0...
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Why is there "Type undefined reference to `People::humans'"?
I am working on eclipse workspace and I have this code. I ran it into another program and it works perfectly, but eclipse doesn't like the line. Why is that, an...
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by gadi01
a help please
I have a problem of minimizing a function to optimize 8 variables, but for each data point the routine must generate two solutions , one for x and one for x a...
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What is "Unknown array size in delete?"
I built my People.cpp code and got the error "Unknown array size in delete" for line 6 and line 10. I never even used the delete function, and I don't think the...
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Why does 'Human' not name a type?
It was working perfectly fine until I added the People class and the People.cpp in my eclipse file. The error is in the three lines with the Human types in Peop...
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by volang
Access Violation
This line: string domainName = argv ; cause "Access Violation" in debug. But no problems when running without debug. Can someone pls explain what's going o...
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by szupek
Struggling with getting passed pointer to a double array type string. What am I doing wrong?
Hello. I am trying to get past "basic" functions in C++ and onto objects and passing pointers to manipulate array data. I am passing a csv file into my progr...
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