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The understanding of the code. C++
Can you explain me please this code? I understand it in general terms. I need a clear understanding. #define isEven(x) ((x & 0x01) == 0) #define isOdd(x)...
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by Maln18
Help me with this C++ code
I have to do this. These are the instructions. Write a program that queries the user for an odd integer n, where n is a 3, a 5, or a 7. Create a 7x7 static ma...
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Help me fix my code.
EDIT: This was Maln18 's unnecessary thread originally - he/she is not worth replying to. This is your THIRD thread with precisely the same problem! For g...
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C++ App error .dll not found
I am new to C++ programming and I am using Visual Studio 2019 I have a project that uses a dll xerces-c_2_1_0.dll. This dll is in the same directory as the ap...
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by gadi01
call derived member functions (1,2)
I define a function in base class as virtual and I redefine it in the derived class. When I call this function in func.cpp to use its members, the call fails. I...
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by shader
Kth stack permutation
A stack permutation of number N is defined as the number of sequences which you can print by doing the following Keep two stacks say A and B. Push numbers f...
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by Denvor
Linked list with templates
can someone please help me with this program?Im so confused i dont even know where to start. My program is a bit complicated.Im suppose to create two classes.Th...
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by Qsh222
Find the first n prime numbers using the sieve of erathostenes
The program is supposed to display the first n prime numbers, where n is inputted by the user. I only managed to work out a really slow solution. Could someone ...
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Why am I getting inf for my output?
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by Qsh222
GCD of n numbers
The program is supposed to display the GCD of n numbers. I managed to work out the solution, but in only gets 96 / 100 points. Could someone help my oplimize th...
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Word Count
Can someone help me derive a program or to understand how to create a program that counts words? That would be helpful!!! Especially utilizing no vectors onl...
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by Armanc
How to find all possible placements in a stack with using recursive function
I am trying to code a program that finds a target number by using six other integers and four mathematical operations (+, -, *, /). I do not want to use any kin...
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Finding discount
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int quantity; int price; cout<<"Enter the quantity:"; cin>>qunatity; cou...
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Anyone can help me fix my code?
The matrix is being allocated on the heap as it is defined as static. To allocate on the stack, don't define as static: #include <iostream> using std::cin; ...
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Compatible C++ libraries Questions.
I am trying to construct a cross compatible C++ Libraries platform, and I was wondering if anyone can reply with a set of answers and recommendations. I wish t...
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by Cplusc
how to find common elements between different matrices
I have 3 matrices. I want to find the shared elements within these matrices with the number of repetition. matrix 1: 1 2 3 4 5 3 2 1 3 2 1 0 0 2 1 4 mat...
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C++ Programming Code This
Hello can anyone help me figure out this C++ programs I don't understand how to do it can anyone program it for me and use comments? Static arrays or static ma...
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by volang
winsock getaddrinfo
Hello. Hope everything is alright! I have a question about winsock getaddrinfo(domain_addr, "43", &hints, &result); After a call to that function, the las...
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I am getting an error for no reason
It is saying "Member declaration not found" in Word.cpp, "undefined reference to `WinMain@16'" in Word, and "recipe for target 'Word' failed" in makefile. But ...
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Help with a C++ Project
Hi! I am trying to figure out this problem. Write a program that asks a doctor to enter the number of patients that walked into his/her clinic at the end of t...
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