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Not sure if I got this right
Hi, Here is my assignment question: C++ Program Write a program that adds the positive odd numbers you enter from the keyboard while ignoring the even n...
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question about hand-over-hand fine-grained locking mechanism
hello everyone...probably this is my first post here so CMIIW...btw currently I have a problem regarding locking implementation on sorted singly-linked list. So...
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Stuck again and need help
I cannot get the code button to work. HI, This is my assignment. <You are writing a program that will display names (first and last) in a column. The max...
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I'm stuck with an odd error message
Here is my code there is not much to it. I am supposed to write some code to go from 1 to 10 and each time I add 3 to the total. I start at 7. #include <iost...
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I have an issue which for simplicity comes down to this: void process(int n) { // Do processing of n if not already processing same value of n /...
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by Cplusc
Unix transcript of build event
I've successfully developed a C++ code using Visual Studio on Windows, and my current task involves transitioning it to a Unix-based supercluster. The complicat...
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I'm in school and stuck trying to go from a double to an integer
Hi All, I am taking a course in c++ and doing an assignment. I have to post the whole code I have right now. Here is the code I am trying to go from a dou...
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Format woes
int main() { std::cout << std::format("{:< 8f}", .111111); } displays 0.111111 but I need .111111 (no initial 0). Is this possible just using forma...
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adding chrono::months to a sys_days
Trying to add 1 month to today does not yield a sys_days!!! chrono::sys_days today = getToday(); auto next_month = today + chrono::months{ 1 }; nex...
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by helios
Apparently this is valid
I just noticed I had this somewhere without realizing. void foo(); void bar(){ return foo(); } I guess I can see there are cases where it could...
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by Cplusc
Line box intersection
I am casting a line from any arbitrary point in a 3D space and I want to check if the line intersect with the box or not. I found the code for this here https:/...
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Calling C++ method pointers
I'm having a problem trying to a C++ method pointer. There' lots of examples on the net of using simple C function pointers, but working examples of passing...
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literal for one day
Hi, I have: time_point<system_clock> tp; tp += days{ 1 } + 23h + 55min; // days{1} + hours{23} + minutes{55}; I tried to use the literal for ...
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by Cplusc
MPI Data Type
I am trying to broadcast a used-defined data(boundingbox) but unfortunately, the data differ in different processors. here is the code: void Geometry::gener...
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64 bit architecture and programming
Hi guys, So I'm not sure if this belongs in the longue, but it does pertain to programming and potentially to C++(maybe depending on the compiler?) I'm curren...
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by Runsva
Call Function in DLL from C++ Program?
I'm attempting to call a function inside a shared library DLL file using a C++ program. I'm using C++ 17 for all files in question. The DLL file in question ...
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by Runsva
Include Mutex when building with G++ via Command Prompt?
I want to compile a C++ program that includes & uses the mutex library, with G++ via the Command Prompt on a Windows system. I'm attempting to compile with C++ ...
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When to choose Args&& instead of Args?
Hi, I have a simple question. When do we choose this implementation: template<class... Args> internal::multi_order_by_t<Args...> multi_order_by(Args&&...
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how to send output to console when using catch2 for C++
Hi, I have a console project that links with catch2 libraries but I can't see the output in the console!! How can I see it ? Regards, Juan Dent
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by Runsva
Build Shared Library File from String of Code?
Suppose I have a C++ code excerpt literal saved in a std::string variable, as such: #include <iostream> int main() { std::string code = ""; code +...
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