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by Geckoo
Computation using GPU instead of CPU
Hello. I have a little question about computation using a classical computer. As you know I developed a little 2d engine in order to play with pixels, mathemati...
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Replacement for global variables
So, my professor assigned this project where we cannot use global variables. (I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO FIT CODE IN THIS POST, SO I WILL ATTACH IT AS A REP...
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by Runsva
Function Pointer using "typedef" keyword with Function Address stored as Variable? (C++ 14, VS 2019)
---- Problem Summary ---- I'm attempting to create a callable function pointer inside of a function using templates for its return value and its arguments us...
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by PeteDD
pass header name (withoug .h) in class constructor ... and #include
My head is wrapped around the axle once again... I am designing a system where I need to pass the name of a header file (a driver...) in a class constructor an...
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HELP on array and function project code.
This is for a project for one of my online classes and I don't understand why it isn't running. It comes up with the error code saying linker command failed...
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Help with Files into Vector assignment
If you have not downloaded the Gaddis text book’s source code, you will find the following files from chapter 7 folder provided here... GirlNames.txt Do...
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by frek
Max number of disc intersects
The task says: We draw N discs on a plane. The discs are numbered from 0 to N − 1. An array A of N non-negative integers, specifying the radiuses of the dis...
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Problem with Switch statement
I am having problem with this code where nothing shows up. It goes to the default statement displaying an error message. #include <iostream> #include <fstrea...
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Assigning weights to blank spaces and displaying them
I am supposed to create a racing game where the player will start at the highest weighted number and the finish line will be the lowest weighted number(0). I am...
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by a456df
Blank Spaces assigned weights
Having trouble figuring out how make part of this game. I'm currently trying to assign value (weight) to blank spaces in a program. The values need to decrease ...
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by oddy
A exception has been thrown when solving 8-digit problem
As the title, I am going to solve 8-digit problem using breadth first search (BFS), but it has thrown me a exception. Here is the output: terminate calle...
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The .cpp program does not see the GL/glew.h file.
In the directory where the program is located (C:\2022\Work\programming\engineering\my-works\my_game\programs), there is also the glew-2.1.0 folder, which conta...
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by ruzip
Translate Scancode to Virtual KeyCode
Is there a way to easily translate scancode to vk code? I'm using GLut.. Say if the scancode is 30, it should trigger Letter A (upper or lower)
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Program Failing when trying to assign value to structure pointer
I'm creating a binary tree to guess an animal that a user is thinking of. The last problem I seem to have before the program is finished is involved with my tra...
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Is base class object created when a derived class object is created?
When i create an object of derived class, Does the base class object gets created too? Meaning there are 2 objects? Because i have to use base class constru...
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Check if a vector contain duplicate numbers (1,2)
If a vector contain duplicate numbers, return true, otherwise return false. For example: nums = [1,2,3,1] true nums = [1,2,3,4] false My code: bool contai...
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by ruzip
Assert Implicit Declaration or Non-existent Functions
or functions that does not exists.. Is there a way to do an assert on C (particularly) so if a function does not exist (implicit declaration) AND undefined s...
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by t im
Question about leetcode #209
The problem is to find a contigous subarray that is larger or equal to the given target( I have got th...
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Reading Integers with defined characters C++
I'm trying to parse a file that has has integers and strings in a CSV file. There in columns and rows and would like to read a integer and string in "" based on...
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error C2039:string_view (1,2)
hello all, how can fixed this error error C2039: 'string_view' : is not a member of 'std' i use VS 2010 All solutions set to "/std:c++17" in langu...
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