C1090 error

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I am getting the following annoying and frustrating error which appeared suddenly out of nowhere. the code was working just fine and I don't know what happened.

"Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Details
Error C1090 PDB API call failed, error code '3': D:\LBM_ComplexGeometry_
MPI\LBM\x64\Debug\vc143.pdb LBM	D:\LBM_ComplexGeometry_MPI\src\LBM.cpp	1 "

I have updated VS, reinstall another version and tried removing pdb but it didn't help. Any one can help?
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Thanks for your answer. I did all these steps but didn't work. The interesting point is it's not just one code, whatever code I have on my pc has the same issue.
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Try creating a new project/solution and transfer the code files over to the new setup.

Doing a full rebuild of the project's files should have worked.

If you still get errors you should do a repair on your VS installation, something might have gotten corrupted.
@ George P Thanks for the answer. I did and the same issue is there.
You might have problems with your MPI (or whatever it is called) library. You say you updated VS. That will usually require rebuilding all your project's/solution's files, including any 3rd party libs used.

Delete all your .pdb files. Those are what is causing the error.

If you are using batch build use the clean button for the solution. If batch building use rebuild for the entire solution.

You can clean and rebuild individual projects in your solution.

Drastic measure is deleting the entire contents of your debug and release folders. If you are building x86, don't. Try building for x64 only.

Check and see if your 3rd party library is maintained by vcpkg.


If it is, and you didn't install it using vcpkg consider installing it via vcpkg.

If you did use vcpkg, delete the library with vcpkg and reinstall it so it is properly compiled by the newer version of VS.

vcpkg makes getting, installing and maintaining 3rd party libraries much easier when used with VS.
@George P
Thank you for your detailed answer. none of them unfortunately helped. I ended up reinstalling the windows and install everything again and it worked.
Well, dayum! That is a bit more drastic than what I suggested, though I probably would have eventually ended up there. As a last resort.

Luckily my days of needed to do such a big slash and burn are behind me. *crosses fingers, toes and eyes*
LOL, I would have stuck with the uninstall MSVC, reboot, and reinstall as a last resort. Something has to be pretty seriously broken to need to reinstall the whole OS.
Something has to be pretty seriously broken to need to reinstall the whole OS.

But (fresh) install of OS, all application packages, and proper configuration takes under an hour, when automated. (If user data has to be juggled, then a bit more.)
Granted, that is for OS. An "OS", like Windows, might take more effort.
Alas, I don’t get the joke.
Please explain it to me like I’m 5.
I remember seeing this "upgrade the OS to a newer version" muck-up happen with Win9X to Me. If Me was installed/preinstalled, virtually no problems. But upgrade? A huge lot of problems that made Me be seen as worse than it was.

Mind you, the Win9X/Me OS was a big steaming pile of donkey doo-doo compared to Win NT. NT was pure 32bit, 9X/Me was still a hybrid 16/32 bit monstrosity.

There have been "reports" of similar issue surrounding upgrading from Win10 to 11, though nowhere as numerous nor severe.

I will stay with Win10 for as long as I can. The expense in money and hardware to run Win11 is just too much for me and my fixed limited income.

My next PC is likely to be a Linux machine.
Go with Mint.

It’s an Ubuntu fork and absolutely hassle-free.
I have been following your adventures with Mint, D. Avidly. The real question is when I can afford the hardware.
"Douglas" Avidly Mint says you should stop leaving messages on his phone.

It keeps him awake at night. 

I told him to go back in his house and take his meds.
The hardware issue is what kept me too. My old machine cannot support Windows 11, so at least it didn’t keep me awake at night wondering if I would wake up to a new OS I didn’t want.

It’s kind of messed up in a way, as the hardware is only about ten years old. But to be fair, I guess that’s about the same as saying XP should have run on an XT, lol.

Which makes me ask a relevant question: does an X chirp? Why is everything X? If an X makes a sound in the woods, does a tree fall?

(The new hardware was my birthday gift, and was an extravagant expenditure for those who bought it for me. Very grateful, I am.)
All of my 3 current PCs get sneered at by Windows Update they aren't able to run Win11. Well, yeah! They are machines cobbled together with parts from boxes I bought at a PC Recycle shop several years ago. Pre-Covid.

What little I do know about Linux is the hardware on all 3 machines, 2 x64 and 1 x86, should be more than adequate to run Linux. Hands down.

In the past I have dinked around with Linux distros that weren't actually installed but ran in a virtual environment when recycling and booting up the machine. That was years ago.

Now I need a dedicated box I can do proper Linux testing, installed and stress tested.

Money, the bane of of my fixed limited income. :(
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Amen brother!
What makes Windows 11 so significantly different that it has incompatibilities with such hardware?
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